Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reclaimed Wood "Herringbone" Ceiling room finally has furniture!!

So those of you who recall the reclaimed wood herringbone
 ceiling  project  (HERE)
that we did a few months ago, FINALLY can see the whole room with my
reupholstered furniture! 
Only took 7 weeks to get my stuff back!!

 I seriously need to get a pro-photographer. The pictures look so flat! 
 But this will have to do for now.

I'm not keeping the white chair in the corner. I will look for something different. 
But the Ikat fabric chair is one of my re-dos!! 
Here's the before.....
 At one time I'm sure it was a very "in" chair. It was a high quality silk fabric. 
Just a tad outdated! So I repainted it in a white chalk paint with hidden spots of CeCe's 
chalk paint in orange. I found this great gray and white Ikat fabric online and had
 the reupholster guy redo it with the sofa fabric around the back.

My homemade subway art sign on reclaimed fruit crate wood.

That's our RH knock-off media cabinet that we built......HERE
Note to self: Unplug cords from outlets prior to taking photos.......

I love my Mark King litho of the leopard. Love the colors. 

 I redid this campaign chest over a year ago! I finally get to use it.  
Although,,,,it is hard to place....

I just have to show a picture of what this room looked like "before"....
Omg...ick.  5 years ago I really liked the red and gold. 
Now, I feel nauseated when I look at it!!
Funny how your tastes change over the years. I'm sure a few years
 from now I will want to redo all of this!! 
I kept that ottoman...Painted the feet and had it recovered in the velvet...
Just a bit of a diff!! It looks so much larger!! 


  1. This is gorgeous - love all the details!

  2. Wow!!!! That ceiling is absolutely amazing!!!! How did you measure? I can't imagine how much work that was? Amazing!!!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that ceiling! I have a lot to learn about photography myself, but I would recommend turning off the flash. It washes everything out. Use as much natural light as possible. Also, have you discovered It's a free and easy photo editing website. It can be really helpful to lighten, brighten, etc, photos.

  4. Replies
    1. look under my Subway Art Heading . there should be a link to how I do my signs. But basically I paint the boards after screwing them together and stencil the words. Then I free hand paint them.

  5. Beautiful, my current color scheme, I even have that blue pillow with the white coral. Love the ceiling but I'll have to get spider man to help me lol!