Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bathroom Reno is D.U.N.!

Been awhile since I"ve posted anything. I guess I'm just whooped from our massive bedroom/bathroom renovation. 
Houzz featured the reno on their Stories Heading here:

I've did a running post throughout the year long remodel. (yes year. downside of doing things yourself is that it often gets pushed back.  Often.  lol) 

If you haven't see it, it's here.

Justina Blakeney, thanks for the blue quilt! 

lots more pics under my very wordy post! Or click on the Houzz link, click on one of the pics, and then click on "more photos from this project".  The Houzz article itself only put in about 5 good pics.  The best ones are under my Houzz post, "Master Bath Redo".