Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Gem color in Milk Paint

I get so many compliments on this turquoise color milk paint. 
It's from the Real Milk Paint Company and their name is "cobalt".  This time I mixed
in a little of their green here and there to give it a little extra accenting. 
Just your standard vintage mahogany desk. Everything got sanding and sealed with shellac (remember the dealing with mahogany, the tannins in the wood cause bleed through. Shellac or primer, prevents the bleed through).
 I redid the top using custom colors in a walnut and gel mahogany.  It's been so unbelievably hot, I have to wait until night to work. Even at 10PM, the garage is a balmy 92! I have some projects to paint in enamel, but I can't until it cools down. Luckily with milk paint, it doesn't matter. 
And Judy always keeps me company! 
This is a desk that is finished all the way around.  Doing the back, below. 

The top got a few coats 
of GF urethane. 
 I love this paint and color. How cool are the crackle areas?? Everything got tung oil to richen the color.  On the parts that were really flaky, I applied a coat of GF urethane to stop the flaking.
I painted that little bistro chair eons ago. I could probably redo it in colors to match the desk. 

While the drawers hardly chipped, the sides and back did. That's milk paint for ya!
 I think the desk showcases my home made "beachy" signs to a T!

****(Update on this piece,,,,this was sold from my Etsy store to a customer in Fla. Well, the shipping truck was stolen while the driver was sleeping over in a motel. The truck had 35 different items in it. To my knowledge, it was never found. My poor desk is out there somewhere!)

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  1. Love this desk! The color and chippiness is just beautiful!! :)

  2. Beth, this is absolutely fabulous!!! Love the color and chippiness of it!

  3. I love how milk paint chips unpredictably! Love the color choice.

  4. This is a beautiful piece. Great work.

  5. The saturation of that color is eye popping! Love it! You did a great job.

  6. Love this desk!! the colors are amazing. Turquoise being one of my ultimate favorites!
    I haven't attempted to re-furb any furniture yet. I have dabbled in some other fun diy projects. Feel free to check them out :)

  7. Gorgeous! I get how you paint on the milk paint and then sand it out butf,forthe top,are you completely stripping it bare and then applying a stain?... Or are you painting on a stain over the previous, lightly sanded finish? So curious. You do lovely work!