Monday, January 12, 2015

Vintage Metal Catalog Cabinet

I found this little nugget in Medford Oregon and my sister was kind enough to bring it down to me. 
This one was quite different than the wood one I completed a few months ago. I still visualized it with some hairpin legs tho. So, after much cleaning and sanding and priming, I ended up with:

Faux zinc anyone?? 

                     Custom made wood base so the legs would have something to grip onto.
I left all the insides and sides of the drawers as they were.  The top was given numerous paint treatments and I think it resembles zinc.  I used metallic spray, chalk paint, milk paint and tung oil. 


                                            I realize the industrial vibe isn't for everyone.  
                                             It's just something different that I enjoy doing. 

Domestically Speaking - The Power of Paint Party   

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Metallic Modern Masters on a redo

I really hate re-painting pieces, but sometimes you just have to! 
This was a cute little french chest I had done in a gypsy pink, but I guess it just wan't up to anyones fancy! So I had purchased some Modern Masters in a few colors and thought I would give them a shot on this little guy. 

 Heres the magic I mixed. Some Black Pearl, Sapphire and I don't know what the little one is!

Anyway, this is what I got!  I also did some pink on the sides, and a little stencil on the inside. 
All of that got sealed with shellac! Voila!