Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Humpty Dumpty!! Rebuilt Antique Buffet using Milk Paint!

I so love working on antiques.
I have been looking for a piece so that I could use the most amazing
color of milk paint! It's actually the most gorgeous shade of turquoise that
I have seen and it comes from the Real Milk Paint Co. More on the color later!
The pics really don't do it justice. I used it on an earlier dresser I did here. 
Anyway. I digress.  So I spotted this piece on CL listed as a dresser.
It's actually a little buffet. They were asking way too much for it because half of it was 
in pieces! The owner said the drawer fell down the stairs. 
uh, yeah.  This is my humpty-dumpty piece. Read on! 

 Quite the mess, eh??! The right door was snapped off at the piece that attaches to the hinge.
Luckily the owner had all the pieces and I was able to sand, glue and clamp. You cant even tell
it was ever broken. Thankyouverymuch. 
The pic below is the middle drawer. All ten pieces of it.  Yikes! 

And here is Humpty all back together! 
 The mirror was in pretty poor shape. I used a stencil and some frosted glass spray to try and 
camouflage the defects. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Campaign End Tables

Woo Hoo! I have been on the Campaign look-out trail!
Ya know how you start looking for a certain item/s and you just can't find it?
And then all of a sudden they fall in you lap!  I scored this pair of end tables from one lady
and the campaign bookcase from another.

Check out the cool hardware on top!

This is by far the ugliest yellow I think I've ever seen. 
I went with gray and the trim in black. I will show you in another post! 
or check out a sneak peek below....

                                    However, the end! 

Now, what I don't love is all that tarnishy hardware. God help me. The table took all of an hour to
paint. The hardware, at least 8. Oh, I'm counting the hardware from the above bookcase.
 I haven't even started on end table #2 yet!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vintage Desk in Navy Blue

I found this darling little vintage desk a few months back. 
However, the top could not be salvaged. I thought about scraping it (way too much work) and painting underneath, but I found out it was particle board. So rather than scrape and redo another laminate top, 
I though why not just make a solid wood top??!

So thats what I did. I went to the lumber yard and found some solid cherry "shorts" for a song!
You can see where I started to scrape off the top. Fugettibout it! 

 Here are the 3 boards glued and jigged together getting sanded. 
The edges were also routed to smooth them out. 
 I think I used a combo of stains. I know I did a gel in dark walnut. I might have thrown in some
                                red mahogany just to brighten it up a bit. Cherry is beautiful!

And here is the desk all put together!

Yes, I painted the "Union Jack" as well! 

Oh, and the chair too! 
Would this not be adorable in a boys room????

I love the new top better than the original! 

If I never have to paint a "jack" again, it will be fine with me! LOL

This beaut is for sale!!

UPDATE>>>>>>I repainted it in BLACK because after a few months, no one seemed to be interested in the blue! The black is very spiffy! It sold within a week!

Man oh man I love that cherry wood!