"In The Wings"

                     Just a few things waiting to get "processed"!!

See anything you like?? Contact me and pick your color!!
Below items are still available

I have two of these nightstands. one is done in ASCP "old ochre" 

Stanley vintage faux bamboo Credenza
I just recently finished the sister to this Stanley in pale blue gloss enamel. Beautiful! Here's what it looks like all cleaned up! 

French Style Buffet/Media Cabinet 
 already started in a beautiful cobalt shade

The actual color is somewhere between these two. It is glossy. Also has crystal knobs on the doors


Just added, 2- 1970's dressers. All wood. 

 These are going to look awesome painted!!

Library card catalogs.
2-15drawer wood and one 15 drawer metal one. I can put the wooden ones side by side and make a long console (see below)

I just finished one of them.  And it sold quickly!

Custom made herringbone top made of white oak. 

But I still have one avail! The one with the original top. 

1970's vintage Dresser w/2 matching night stands
This is identical to the one I did in black and white last year.
I can do this other one in any color!!!! Or, black and white again!  

This one already sold. 

Vintage Stanley Dresser. 
Pick your color! 

 Campaign chest! Vintage!!
 The one below is a "Stanley"
This one would look so pretty in a bright color.
perfect for a girls room.

Couple of new mid century pieces.......
The Brasilia!! Yeah!! Been looking for months! 
I'm debating keeping the dresser but the nightstand I will sell.  If the price is right for the dresser,
I may sell that as well!

Campaign desk by "Bombay Co."
I have a really cool coral color picked out for this one. 

Vintage "BP John" Dresser
solid wood. well made, great storage!  available



  1. I was looking through craigslist and saw the girl's Harlequinn desk so I went to your link to see what other items you've done. It's adorable, but it's not the theme for my daughter's room. The peacock desk/vanity is actually more fitting. I'm doing her room in black and white and accessories in bold colors to create a funky chic room. I like what you do and I will continue to check your website for items that might work (i.e. small dresser, desk, etc.)I did come across a dresser on craiglist today (4-22-12) and thought that you could use it for one of your projects....it's posted for $10 and the location is HB...perfect piece for a redo. the email address of the posting is f8dqw-2972401839@sale.craigslist.org and "Dresser - $10 (Huntington Beach)" is the title of the posting.

    1. Hi. Anonymous. Thank you. I actually did see that little dresser for 10 bucks, but I didn't think it was all solid wood.
      Funny you should mention that peacock vanity, I had two calls on it within the hour. The 2nd lady is also doing one for her girls room. She is looking for one on CL to bring to me to do. Do you live in the area?? Please leave a name or returning e-mail. Thanks again for the help!

    2. My name is Connie and my email address is bonbonosu@gmail.com. I really like the peacock desk/vanity piece. It's sophisticated and stylish. LMK if you come across a desk that is similiar in style on CL. How much would it be for you to redo your magic?