Sunday, May 26, 2013

MCM Desk

Still on the mid-century craze, I picked up this desk set with a matching
chest of drawers (which I did in different colors). 
Not really a whole lot to it! It is solid wood and the drawers are made of cedar.

                    I must have looked at this for a month before I decided what to do with it.

Here's what the matching chest looks like. An aqua ombre. 
Just a couple of "smalls" I made for my space. 

reclaimed wood from my vintage fruit crates. Love the termite damage!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kent Coffey find!

I scored this mid century nugget when a friend of mine was browsing through 
The Salvation Army.  She sent me a pic showing the name on the inside of the 
drawer. I couldn't call her back fast enough telling her to "GRAB IT!!" 

Who donates a Kent Coffey???!!! Thank you whomever!
Look at the cute little acorn hardware, which polished up quite nicely!! Use a fine steel wool and a good polish.

I gave the top a coat of aqua chalk paint with a celery green accent in the quatrefoil pattern.
I also kept the factory black paint by lightly sanding and then giving it a few coats of my
homemade black chalk paint. (I used 'Gliddens' in Onyx). 

      Ended up making my own stencil. I printed it out on contact paper and used an exacto knife.
                          Not exactly a 10 on my fun-O-meter, but I managed to finish it! 

                Solid mahogany drawers in pristine condition! Just a little tung oil to liven them up.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reclaimed Wood "Herringbone" Ceiling room finally has furniture!!

So those of you who recall the reclaimed wood herringbone
 ceiling  project  (HERE)
that we did a few months ago, FINALLY can see the whole room with my
reupholstered furniture! 
Only took 7 weeks to get my stuff back!!

 I seriously need to get a pro-photographer. The pictures look so flat! 
 But this will have to do for now.

I'm not keeping the white chair in the corner. I will look for something different. 
But the Ikat fabric chair is one of my re-dos!! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vintage Pieces in varying colors!

I scored about 4 vintage dressers from the '60's. 
All solid wood and in pretty good shape. I tried some different colors
this time and this is what I ended up with~ (Pardon my garage staging!! I am out of room!!!)
This guy is made from solid Elm! Have never seen elm before. So I sanded off the old stain and 
found this gorgeous solid wood top! I think I put a light shade of walnut on it and used tung oil 
to finish it off.  Did a custom mix of my own chalk paint in different shades of blues.....Something different! 
                        Found some mother of pearl knobs from HL and used those on the left drawers.

Next one is a MCM dresser. Same thing. Sanded off the ick, redid the walnut fronts and top. 
 This one I used an oil base glossy white paint. About 4 coats! It's hard as nails when it dries!! Gave it some racing stripes for something different.  

Ok...and #3 is a different looking vintage dresser in Coral!! 

I had this oops paint for over a year and made some chalk paint with it. 
 Mod podged some frabic on the inner drawer fronts
 I used a darker shade of coral on the inner door both for contrast and because I used 
every last drop of the other shade on the body!! 

Shhh....still have to wax the sides! I soooooo hate waxing...... 

ok....So there you have my vintage three!!! A little something for every taste!!!

                                                   The Dedicated HouseRedoux