Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stanley Bamboo dresser Finally finished!

Man oh man. The nightmares of all nightmare prep jobs! Behold this classic, vintage Asain style dresser made by Stanley. Originally it was done in that icky yellow. 
Like this: 

But some genius decided to throw on some black paint. Literally. Was the worst paint job, ever!

 I thought with some sanding it would prep up easily enough. Uh, no. The top and sides were ok, but those drawers?? OMG.
 This was after applying a stripper and starting to scrape. The "wood" is actually some sort of resin type material that's hard, but crumples if you chip at it. This was beyond horrific. Seriously. Took me about 20 hours before I could even put a brush to it. This is why I don't buy painted pieces~!

But,,,,Totally worth it in the end....
 This piece was custom painted for a customer in Chicago. She wanted a Robins Egg Blue.