Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another Dixie mcm w/a Graphic Paint job!

I just love doing the mid century dressers and credenzas. For this one I used Fine Paints of Europe, Eco line. This is an acrylic/oil hybrid that is water based. The pigments in this paint are so rich and deep, they literally pop! For this piece I picked a gorgeous chartreuse. Now, this isn't a color that everyone can use, but I don't think it overwhelms the piece and will go with any gray, black/white decor. It's an accent piece. When I picked it up, someone had already taken off the legs and built some sort of base for it to sit on.  It came to mid thigh level! I asked the owner, "Where's the rest of it??:" 
 No, no. This base thing had to go! 
                   Luckily, i had some spare peg legs lying around the garage and attached those!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Custom Painting some Front doors!

I was contacted by a local couple who saw my blue hutch and wondered if I could do the same coloring on their front doors. I figured, "why not?"
 The two doors are solid mahogany and had a coat of paint on them. I gave them the estimate for stripping off all the current paint and prepping it for paint. Obviously, a ton of work. To keep the cost down, the client asked if her husband could do all the prep work. fine by me!! 'Cause everyone knows just how keen I am on stripping wood.  Especially something of this magnitude! I said it had to be completely stripped and sanded smooth. They said ok.  Uh, not what happened! lol
 I had already started sanding when I ran to get the camera. See the middle portion?? That's what the rest looked like when I got it. I asked what he used and he said, "60 grit sandpaper." That's it??? What about the 150 and 220 and the inside grooves along the glass???  He just stared at me. Hmmmm,,,no.
I told them no way. This needed about 5 more hours of finishing work. 60 grit sandpaper on wood