Mosaics and Tile Work

Custom made mosaic dragonfly tiles for the bathroom floor...

Lots o'pebbles! Each one was done by hand! 

The other bathroom in this house was done with Carrara marble.  This baby was done by moi. 90% of the tiling was me. Hubs did the behind the scene stuff to get it ready. Almost all of this tile is from CL. I saved a huge amount. The vanity was a CL find as well. It was a bedroom dresser that hub modified for the plumbing. Took almost a full week to finish this tile. Lots of measuring! 

This bathroom was also featured on "I Hate My Bath" on HGTV. It was a quick blurb on how I did this complete bathroom makeover for under $3500.  



Mosaic table using mexican talavera tiles

                                 My turtle mosaic.  This one was done on a piece of wood that was
                      "redguarded".  I drew the design and hand cut each one of these tiles. 
                             Yes indeed it took quite awhile to finish! 

One of my most fave types of countertop material; recycled glass!
The spare bathroom that we gutted and redid ourselves. Everything! 
 Took me hours to lay out this design so the middle wall would have symmetrical tile work!

                      Various pots for orchids. These are done on plain old terra cotta pots. 

I love the colors on this one. 

The beginning of my yin-yang table. 

The AFTER.....

                                  Just fooling around with a parrot design for my sister......


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  2. I am beyond impressed with ALL of your work. You made me a fan in 5 minutes. Keep up the great work.

  3. Beth, do you do mosaics for kitchen backsplashes?