Monday, April 9, 2018

Emerald green Campaign Desk

Seems like forever since I've done anything new. But, here's a completed new guy done w/BM Advance in Glossy Emerald Isle.  Such a beautiful, no nonsense green.  Like the color of new grass. 

I've actually had this one sitting in my inventory for many years.  I did the first coat,

and then ended up just letting it sit,,,and sit!   I should have sprayed, because doing those legs w/a small brush took many coats.  Polishing all that hardware is always great fun too.  downside to campaign pieces is the hardware and fifty million little nails.

I'm posting these pics in reverse!  


I just love this shade of green with the deep blues.  and look at that shine on top! 5 coats.


                                                           She is available.