Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stain art on a Frenchie

Sigh, I finally got around to completing what I started four months ago. I blame the weather!! I work in my garage. And when it's 100 outside, it's 95 in the garage. even at 10 at night. Anyway, here it is.....(click on photos to see a bigger picture)
Yes I know. Not terribly bad. Except it was grungy and filthy! And there are a million more like it. So time to mix it up a bit....

I have done many other custom art wood stain designs on the tops of my pieces. It was time for another. Lets start from the beginning, eh??

A thorough cleaning,scrub down, and then lots of sanding! The top was taken off with a stripper. Soy Gel. Sanded and wiped, and then I drew out my flower design. 

Use chalk. If you mess up, a wet rag takes it right off. And when you are done staining, you can wipe off the lines and no one will ever know! 
I can't really tell you how to do this. It's all just an individual thing. I mix my colors, I mix my shading, I sometimes go over it w/other shades, I mix two together,,,,just do it. 
Sometimes I blend with a rag, sometimes the brush. If your lines get covered w/stain, take some sandpaper and sand on the lines to clean them up. Then it comes out something like this when you are finished. 

 For the rest of the top, I used GF Spiced Walnut,,,or maybe it was Java. I really don't know. I had 7 different stains that I mixed and played with.  The top was sealed with GF wipe on Urethane. for sure. 
The body was done with ASCP Ochre. I used Greek blue in some of the corner distressing. 

Handles got sprayed w/a MM silver and Rustoleum Pure Gold mixture. 

I even did a matching nightstand (no stain design tho). Still have to wax it.  sigh.