Subway Art/Wall Art

These beachy signs are for sale...

Wall art with different wood types: see it HERE

150 year-old Reclaimed barn wood:
 Commissioned piece 
Custom stained and painted with milk paint.

I did one for myself with stations from my work. 
Regular pine stained and painted. 

This was a stenciled piece that I painted with milk paint for the company where I got my wood for the ceiling. It's old doug fir barn wood. I wood love a whole floor of this!

Hand made signs. Plain old Douglas Fir planks cut to size. 
Stained, sanded and then painted in various shades. 
Sand again to distress the letters and then a coat of tung oil and wax.

                                                 Above....FOR SALE

There are a few things to do with old oak kitchen cabinet doors:
Or, make a vertical succulent garden...
Prime, add a cement board backing, chicken wire, moss, soil and plants...then paint..and wait...
Looks sad...I had the wrong kind of moss so everything kept falling out. 

Below I added the moss that would actually hold things in. This is after one year! Not exactly fast growing!  I really need to add more cuttings.  Repainted with a paint that could be outside. The above pic had chalk paint with a poly topcoat. Just didn't hold up. 

Cork Board. Covered with fabric and framed out using baseboard. Painted w/chalk paint.

I got a bunch of reclaimed wood from these vintage fruit crates. 
Thought they would make some 
cool signs and hangers. 
 Heres how they start off...
 pulling them apart....
And after some gray stain, white milk paint, some color for the letters and a 
TON of tung oil (these babies were THIRSTY!), here's the first one. 

I found these cute bulldog hangers and used them on one of the thicker pieces:

I took the bulldog hangers off the sign above and made two other signs for my girlfriend. She fosters rescued bulldogs (as well as owning a few of her own!) Anyway, two of her babies died and she wanted something to remember them with. So here are "memorium hangers"!!

Here is one I did w/the subway art theme....However,,,I will have to redo the 
paint color on the names. This gray just does not stand out. 

Custom order. SOLD
This one started with pine boards, wood stain,black chalk paint,
sand, turquoise and aqua chalk paint and I think a little milk paint as well! It gets a thorough sanding by hand until I like the level
of "distress".  I measure off the spots for my stencil letters which
are done in white chalk paint. It's light sanded again and then waxed! Yes, it takes hours and hours to do!!

This displays some of the beaches in So Cal.   sold

The pic below is the first one I did. I would stencil the letters and then paint each one! 
I've since streamlined that process.


Both of these were made from leftover Doug Fir, attached from the back.  I painted them with different colors and distressed.  The top one I stenciled and then hand painted. The bottom one was a stencil.

For Sale

These were the colors I used under the Gray. All of the paints were DIY chalk paint (makes the distressing easier)

Here are the other two I've painted, but have not done the wording.

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