Thursday, July 28, 2016

Antique tall dresser in that gorgeous shade of blue!

Cobalt Blue. My fave color. And The Real Milk Paint Co has the most gorgeous shade of that blue, hands down. So many people ask what color this is. Blue Lagoon. And that's just what it looks like. 

Two coats of paint and two coats of tung oil. Bam! 

A decent dresser from the very early 1900's. Some nice burled walnut. I chose to go w/a two tone because the walnut was in decent condition. Not sure of the top. Maybe elm or ash. 

I only have a 'few' of their paints!
Don't freak when you apply the paint. It's going to look dull. In the picture you see the dried paint and then the area where the oil has been applied. Their tung oil and citrus solvent mixture are the best. And non toxic! I mix mine in an old glass jar with a tight lid. I also added a little of the dark tung oil. 

Out on my patio where I have the Mexican tile. Goes perfectly! 

The tung oil puts it's own finish onto the piece. 3-5 coats is enough to give it a good sealing.
 Much like a wax coating. 

This was one of my earlier milk paint pieces I did, and one of the few that I kept. I mean, look at that hardware. Hello????!!!! Couldn't sell this one. Besides cobalt, this turquoise is my next fave. I've probably used this color on 6 different pieces and they've all sold quickly. 
This is Aqua:

Still looks good after 4 years. 

If you have any questions about the paint, check out their site or talk to Dwayne over there. 
Tell him I sent you!