Misc Craft/Wood/Decor "Stuff"

Reclaimed Wood
Herringbone Ceiling Project...here

Finished living room after the ceiling and silver travertine..

Inlaid wood project

Thought I would fool around with some inlaid sone in a piece of walnut before I tried it on something really nice.  I used ground up stones and glass and used an epoxy resin. Then a lot of sanding. 

One mistake I made was I routed too deep (or my hub did!) so the resin took awhile to dry. 
Next time i'll know what to do better. This is why I used a scrap!! lots of sanding and buffing!

 I think I'll use this as a floating shelf in my new bathroom remodel. I'll put some plants on it.

I also did one on a piece of walnut for my air plants 

The back pond. Used African Teak for the boardwalk look.        
If only it will stay like this.  sigh.  water and sun take it's toll. Even after 2 coats of sealant. 

completely rehabbed the waterfall and the vertical wood slat wall behind the falls. 

a year later and more orchids! 

 I just placed the stag horn fern at the top. The others are all orchids, except the reed thing on the left. When they all bloom (and they do bloom once a year) it will look amazing! I have air plants in the driftwood hanger at 3:00.

The bridge still needs to be rehabbed. Either new paint or new wood. 
My koi are about 10 years old!   
 We made all of the wooden boxes that hold different kinds of orchids and other plants. 
Close-up of the boxes. The blue is a wood dye and the other is chalk paint. 
    And a close-up of the wood slat vertical wall. More plants/orchids will be added to turn it into a living wall! 

Custom built wall art using misc types of wood: HERE

Custom built oak top in herringbone pattern for a card catalog

How to replace an old laminate top with real wood..HERE 

 I used cherry "shorts" (great deal!) for this custom top on the mid century desk. 

Also replacing this laminate top with a White Oak desk top. 
This one was stained in a weathered gray and then cerused. 

Here are the white oak planks attached to the desk. 
Trying out many satins.
I went with a weathered gray stain and liming wax ceruse.

What to do with old frames and cabinet doors????....
Make a cute message board or jewelry organizer,,,
cabinet doors get painted with chalkboard paint,,,
Or, insert a piece of cork in an old frame, cover with fabric and 
have decor themed cork board
Make a vertical hanging succulent garden...

These do take a month or two for the roots to take hold before you can hang them.
Over a year later, more plants and a new paint job......

Reclaimed wood beachy signs using milk paint

My "Drip Pots"
You can make these from terra cotta pots and regular paint....

Hand painted butterfly table

Orchid wall using African Iroku wood

and an updated photo, 5 years later!

Custom Staining Technique on Dresser Tops

Just a few different smaller things i'm trying.
I picked up some of these vintage orchard crates. I'm really into the reclaimed wood now.
I cleaned up one of them, applied a dry brush milk paint and a cherry blossom stencil. 
Now what?? Thought about putting in a lower shelf or little cubbies for scarves and such. 
And maybe some little hooks for jewelry. I dunno. Any suggestions???

kinda cool termite damage on the end. 
 After pulling the boards off, white milk paint and a beachy stencil with chalk paint. The flash just
kills it. I dunno. Kinda hard to read the words. Will have to go over in a different color.

                               Trying out the faux zinc technique.  Kinda cool.

I like doing mosaic mirror stuff on some pieces. I like the "Glam" look. These drapes I had are a perfect
match to this dresser! And that sliver frame I'm making into a mirror would fit perfectly with this!

This a hutch I got and plan to turn into a little wine bar/hutch combo-thing

                     The middle section that hubby is working with will be a wine rack. So the middle door will be gone and one of those X wine holder things will go in there. The upper part of the hutch will have those wood wine glass holders.  Put those glass doors back on or leave them off?? 
Look at my other hutch I did in black. Very similar to this one. Don't know if you can see in this pic, but that is a mirror for the back, which I'm keeping. 
So...I started the paint...got the wine rack thingy done    Decided to put fabric on the back panel because the thing was so warped and ugly. Didn't think paint would even help.  

Here it is with the top part. I will be painting the outside with ASCP in Coco. 

So the top is done and waxed. I'm happy with the way the color turned out. 
So this was a little dress rehearsal. I was trying to get an idea of what things would look like.  The inside black have not been waxed. It's such a crappy job to do  :(

And the finished project


  1. here i am, still in awe. did you sell this yet?

    1. This hutch kind of took a back seat while I did a few other things! The top is done. I just have to wax it. Was trying to decide if I should put the top doors on (replacing the glass).....But I don't want to put the money into it. The other black hutch I did is still on CL. The blk/wht dresser isn't done yet. I'm waiting for hte hardware to arrive.

  2. Your dresser is gorgeous! So classy!

  3. The dresser is super classy and chic! I would never have thought to go black and white but it's perfect! I also love that you threw in your purse for the shots (I so do that too!). I would love for you to come link up at my Thrifty Friday Party!! Hope to see you soon!

    Your Newest Follower,
    Rachel @ ThriftyInspirations.net

  4. It looks great!...in my opinion, I would either leave the bottom or the top open, but not both bc it makes it look somewhat unfinished. My choice would be to put the doors back on top and leave the bottom open to show off the background. With that being said, I would definitely use the black knob to balance the ornate backdrop, otherwise it's too busy. It's a fabulous creative piece.

  5. If I may ask, what do use to adhere and protect the fabric inside the drawers? I love the way it looks!

    1. I use a spray adhesive suitable for fabric. Thats it. I don't use anything on the fabric itself.

  6. What about putting the doors back on but not using glass? It's a little fancy for chicken wire but if you had more rustic knobs it could work( that would actually be perfect in my kitchen if I had room!!) maybe doing sometype of transparency or fabric K I'm out of ideas- but I agree leaving both open does make it look unfinished. Like a tornado swept by and took the front to Oz. I love everything about this though.

  7. Omgeeeee!!!!! I love everything you do. Everything i just i want to buy lol what are the prices anyways?