Monday, May 7, 2012

Peacock Desk---Another one!!

So I had my 1st peacock desk/vanity up for sale on CL. I had two calls within an hour, both wanting the desk. Naturally the first person got it. So the 2nd one asked if I could do another. We hunted around on CL for a week and I found an almost identical vanity to the first one I did. 
I had already started working on it before I remembered to grab the camera. 

My client wanted the desk done the same way, minus the blue accent. This was going in her 6 year old daughters room with zebra accents and purple walls. So I did the accents in violet. She also brought over a bookcase and nightstand for me to finish to match the desk. 

 I did the same ASCP in Pure White on the two pieces as well as the desk. 
I mixed some purple latex paint and got this lavender shade (it's not as blue in person).
 I tied in the night stand with a peacock feather and black accent drawer, as well as violet accents. 
Here is my painting process for the peacock feathers. I finished it up after it dried w/dark paste wax.

The black is my own CP recipe. I painted the drawers and lined them.

The two bottom drawers
got "special" peacock

I did have a small issue with the ASCP white not covering completely. I kept getting a bleed
through of the mahogany stain, even after 3 coats. Sooooo I sanded most of it off and applied
an oil base primer very thoroughly. That did the trick. 

I made the custom hanger for the daughter and tried out my new letter stencils! 

She picked it up over the weekend and everyone liked it.  I will post a picture of everything 
in her room as soon as I get a pic!! here is Sydney's room!!
Mom is still looking for a vanity stool/desk.
I'm hoping that background on the bookcase isn't as blue in person.  It was a nice violet
when I painted it.  I should have asked mom for a bit of the wall color so I could match it.
Hmmmmm,,,,,live and learn!
Her one-of-a-kind accessory hanger!! 

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  1. I'll bet that her bedroom looks fabulous: she should be a very happy young lady! You did a great job!!! Can't wait to see a picture of everything in her room.

  2. so awesome! love the peacock feathers!

  3. Really a sharp piece. Thanks for coming by and visiting me. I love your stuff, I'm a new follower. Kathy

  4. Beautiful, Beth! I'll bet it all looks stunning brought together in the same room. I hope she sends you pictures, I'd love to see it!

  5. Hi Beth, I love your transformation! I just picked up a peacock napkin holder and I am finding myself lovin' all things peacock. So nice to meet you and now I am following. Stop by and visit anytime, Lori

  6. Now THAT is just gorgeous!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Inside the drawers, the knobs, all your little details are like WOW! :)

  7. this will be featured tonight at the latest Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday party. :) Feel free to grab a featured button if you'd like.

  8. Totally cool. Love the peacock idea. Thanks for linking up so I could feature you on this week's Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  9. Beth, it's gorgeous! I can't believe the transformation!

  10. Love this desk. Greta details!