Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coco and Aqua

Busy busy! I posted a pic of the two dressers I picked up as sibling pairs.
The smaller one is in the previous post. Here is big brother. I thought keeping them as 
a pair, but the thought of painting the same colors for the 3rd time, plus the likelihood that someone
would purchase both pieces, didn't sit well with me. So I kept with the aqua theme since that seems to be in vogue at the moment. I had originally thought about doing a nice cobalt color since this piece
seemed a bit more masculine. But it just didn't look right. Thats why if you look closely at some of the pics, you will see a hint of that blue underneath. The rest of the piece got ASCP in Coco.
 This was a pretty solid piece. The drawers were in outstanding condition.  But that thing on the front
was just killin' me!! Some funky coat-of-arms thing. Even the owner didn't know what it was.
The hardware was awesome. See how black it is?? Hub used some brasso and put them all
through the polishing wheel. They turned out awesome.  Except for one. It went MIA. All of them were there during polishing. But when I went to put them on, I was missing one. Crap. I had to rob one
off the shorter one.

 The Coco color looks a little greenish. Its not. The flash does something to the colors. 

 I loved this solid mahogany top. It was rather grainy. I left the texture. Just the standard sand, seal and
top coat. It was in perfect condition.
There's the bit of my cobalt blue I had started with.

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  1. Love the contrast. Would love to have you link up here

  2. i love the pop of aqua on the dresser! and the wood top is gorgeous!

  3. Great job! Love the size and shape of it. :)

  4. Fabulous color combo! Very modern yet retro.

  5. Beautiful colors and the wood top is gorgeous! I'm also loving the hardware. Visiting you from House of Grace; so happy to be now following. :-) Hope you have a great night!

  6. I love a piece that makes a statement - and this sure does! :)

  7. Thank you so much for linking up this fun dresser re-do at my Unveil Your Genius link party last week. You've been FEATURED! :) I hope you'll link up again soon!

  8. So happy you stained the top... It looks great! The two toned look is really popular these days.
    great job!