Saturday, May 12, 2012

My first drop leaf table restoration!

I picked up this drop leaf on a visit to a local estate sale. I had been wanting to do one for awhile and the price was right.  this is a Duncan Phyfe -Style....notice I said Style.....I did a little research and got some info from an antiques expert. Antique is usually something of at least 100 years old. 
And Duncan Phyfe was a furniture maker in the early 1800's. If you actually have a Duncan Phyfe anything, it's probably  180+years old! So, anything made later than that in his style, is a knock-off.
 I was told that the wood on the tables are of a mahogany veneer. The legs on the larger table are made from "red gum" wood and then stained to look like mahogany.
Here are the two items I got. The little guy was refurbed with the nautical compass. 

This wood refinishing was pretty straightforward.  After sanding, I applied Varthane dark walnut gel.
           The body got a coat of home made chalk paint using DE "lambswool".
And here's what I ended up with....

sigh....i know,,,it's off-center......

         Hub used the buffer and "mothers" to get the brassy-ness on her feet back to original.


So there 'ya have it! A little history lesson the Duncan Phyfe's ! 

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  1. Ohhh, I love that with the wood top and white legs! Thanks for the ideas. I have several Duncan Phyfe pieces. Hope you'll stop by for a visit.