Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another dresser re-do like the "crack-house" dresser.

 I was surprised at the interest in the crack-house dresser that I had painted.  I had listed on CL and got quite a few calls. I even had multiple buyers for it on the same day. The person asked me if I was going to be doing any more like it.  So, when I came across these two siblings, I thought I could paint one in the same fashion.  So I did! 
  Like my garage??? 3 dressers (four if you count the one you can't see) a hutch and a buffet....all awaiting my time.  Yeah, ok, sure...I'll get right on that.  The two siblings are on the left with the oh-so fetching coat of arms brand-thing is what I'm working on.  The one below is the smaller of the two. 
  I don't even know what that green/yellow monstrosity is, even the owner didn't know what it was. 
All I know was that it had to go bye-bye. Some wood filler and a good sanding, and away it went. 

             it is,,,,crack-house dresser paint #2!
This one was in far better shape.  I refinished the top and shined up all the brass hardware.

 The top was refinished with Varthane gel walnut, wood sealer, and dark paste wax. I used the same turquoise and orange paint.  The yellow was just something I had laying (lying?? I always get those mixed up...dogs lay, people lie..What about paint?? Hah!) around.

 The Hub polished up all the hardware on his polisher. Almost looks as though they brass plated copper! 

              The little brass studs were solid black. They shined up pretty durn good!!
I thought this fabric went perfectly with the colors. 

                                                This is a really nice shot of my cat's butt.

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  1. Beautiful finish--quite the rescue! Thanks for sharing.

  2. it's beautiful, you did a teriffic job, im a fan!

  3. Awesome redo, love your blog! Your new follower, Tanya :)

  4. Interesting. I missed the post about the crack house. DId you get it from a weird place? That's happened to me quite a bit. Now following, Andrea

    1. The original crack house dresser is listed under "collections".

  5. I love the color of your dresser. people around here wouldn't buy it though...
    great job!

  6. I am featuring your dresser tomorrow... thank you for sharing!

  7. you are a master of refurbishing furniture! great job here and cute kitty butt! hahah