Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kent Coffey find!

I scored this mid century nugget when a friend of mine was browsing through 
The Salvation Army.  She sent me a pic showing the name on the inside of the 
drawer. I couldn't call her back fast enough telling her to "GRAB IT!!" 

Who donates a Kent Coffey???!!! Thank you whomever!
Look at the cute little acorn hardware, which polished up quite nicely!! Use a fine steel wool and a good polish.

I gave the top a coat of aqua chalk paint with a celery green accent in the quatrefoil pattern.
I also kept the factory black paint by lightly sanding and then giving it a few coats of my
homemade black chalk paint. (I used 'Gliddens' in Onyx). 

      Ended up making my own stencil. I printed it out on contact paper and used an exacto knife.
                          Not exactly a 10 on my fun-O-meter, but I managed to finish it! 

                Solid mahogany drawers in pristine condition! Just a little tung oil to liven them up.

A little distressing around the edges and an all-over waxing finished it off.

It's not the best staging. I have too much stuff and can't find a place for it!
And black is so hard to photograph in a dark room! 

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  1. What a lovely piece of furniture. Great transformation of the top and I applaud you for making your own stencil.