Thursday, February 14, 2013

WooHoo!!! Cool Campaign Desk....

I'm kinda jazzed I finally picked up one of these Campaign desks
w/the faux bamboo!! This one is made by Dixie!! Even better! 
 I know,,,,,right??!! What the???!! So, I asked the women selling, "Oh, you started to
refinish (refinish?? more like mutilate) it?" 
Her:                     "Yeah"    
                               Me:  "Um, what did you use on the top?"
Her:      "Oh, a scraper."
    Me:      Audible gasp..........
Her:      "Was that bad?"
Um, Gee,......Ya think???!!!!
I actually think the surface of the moon feels smoother than the top of this desk. 
Running my hand over the top and feeling all the divots and gouges just makes me

cringe! This top should actually go through a planer to level it out. But, I'm fresh
out of giant wood-shop tools, so I'll have to try and wing it with my orbital sander.
And why is it that all the sellers with the cool heavy stuff live on the second floor of some

Anyway...I'd love some input if you are reading this as to what color it should be. 
There are a ton on pinterest. It has to be a bright color. No white or black. 
I'm thinking either the Blue, Green or Yellow family! Hah! That narrows it down.
I can do the accent part around the drawers in white. I don't think I can leave the wood
grain as is on the drawers. Too messed up. I will know better when I sand it off if
it can be finished and stained. 
So cast your vote below for the color! It will be a semi-gloss type of lacquer finish.'s the coral you guys mentioned.....Hmmmm a little to light.
Maybe a more vibrant coral...more orange to it. I love that color
paired with turquoise! 

We've all seen the green and yellow. Ben Moore has some really nice  turquoise
shades I saw on Houzz. Think "Bahama's".  I may look at those! are some BM paints. Love these colors. I'm leaning towards "Caribbean Blue",
and getting one of those bamboo mirrors to paint in the vibrant "Vermillion" or the orange....Or...mix them with white and see what color coral I get! 
Opinions?? I'm not keeping this, so I'm trying to get a color that's 
going to appeal to the most people.  
I am looking for a chair w/some type of bamboo (like the Jonathan Adler Chippendale!) and do that in white w/some fabric that ties all the colors together. 

This chair is to die!! Love the color and fabric.


  1. Lucky you! I gotta say, when I first saw this, I saw coral. Not usual for me. Turquoise and yellow are my favorite colors. Yellow would be great, or a great spring green, sapphire or navy? Oh, too many choices. It will look amazing as all of your things do. Can't wait to see what you do.

  2. I vote yellow too! But I like the coral suggestion above as well. What ever you choose, it will be amazing. :)

  3. Yes...a more vibrant coral!! Do it!! :)

  4. Yes, it really needs to be more vibrant with more orange. Pantones color of the year a few years ago was coral and if I remember, it was really a nice vibrant coral.