Friday, December 28, 2012

Xmas rush order!

So I got a phone call regarding one of my items for sale on CL from a guy who wanted to
surprise his daughter by re-doing her room. She is 19 and coming back home from school. 
I happened to have had these two guys sitting in the garage and told him I could have them done
by Sun before Christmas (This was the prior Monday, btw!) He gave me free rein on what to do, but just keeping it in the white/neutral family.. 
Sorry for the garage pics. I couldn't stage these because I literally just finished when the customer
drove up to take them home. 
Use your imagination! 
 This dresser was a American of Martinsville that I have kept pushing aside for 8 months! So glad I waited! It's a beautiful well made piece. 

I have already done the twin to this told me he wanted it to coordinate with the dresser.
                                            Told me to paint whatever I felt like doing.

and thought it would perk up the blah flat front. Their stencils are great to work with and I 
absolutely love the creme. A little goes a long way.  This cherry blossom stencil comes
in 5 different sheets so you can pick and choose how you want the branches laid out. 
The top was done in a dark walnut. 

            I made my own chalk paint using "Divine Pleasure" by Behr. It's such a pretty white.

The customer asked me to line the drawers, but I only did 3 since I wasn't charging him for it. 
Each drawer takes a good 20-30 mins. There are nine drawers!  Uh, no! Not for free! 

 I lost one of the original handles so I offered to replace them.  I Absolutely love these knobs!!
Mercury glass! I couldn't believe they were only $2.00 each!! I found them at Home Goods in a pack of 4. I called 3 other stores because I ran short. I bought all that they had!

 I accented the inside of the molding and the rim on top with some metallic glaze and some silver rub and buff.  I just played around with it until I liked what I had. The mercury knobs really set it off.

I really wish I could have staged these. I had a nice mercury glass bowl that I made. Anyway, here
they are together. The customer emailed me and said his daughter was thrilled with her room!

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  1. Just beautiful Beth!!!
    Where did you get that stencil?
    I did a rush job too - the Friday before Christmas - one day to paint 3 pieces - fun fun fun

  2. Gorgeous beth! Always enjoy seeing your masterpieces. Happy new year!

  3. Love these! They look fantastic!

  4. So beautiful and creative. I am your newest follower. I was also born at St. Francis hospital in Southern California. Happy New year!

  5. Beautiful! I love them both! What a transformation on the one with the stencil ;)