Wednesday, December 5, 2012

$5 chair re-do!

I found this little antique dealer place down by the beach. He has all sorts of stuff. He offered this
chair to me for 5 bucks! Such a deal!!! I'm decorating my son's girlfriends bedroom in shades of gray and white and black w/accents of purple. So I figured she could use this chair at the desk I re-did.
I will post photos of the entire room next week, but for now, here is the chair.

The cushion was in great shape. 

 Did a couple coats of CeCe's in white and distressed. I have since distressed the cane
part so it's not quite so stark white.  And the purple in the photo looks quite, well, um purple. 
Like something Prince might wear. It's actually more subdued in person. Little more on the lavender

                     A little black trim to tie it into the grays/blacks in the room decor.

 I wish the guy had a few more of these!  5 BUCKS! Unreal. 

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  1. How funny that we just crossed emails and posts! I love the chair! It looks gorgeous. I wish I had more $5 chairs too!