Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Gem Colored Milk Paint Dresser!

I just can't get enough of the stunning colors from the Real Milk Paint Co. !
Last dresser re-do it was a bold cobalt/ultra-marine blue.  This time I'm going
But first, let me tell you about this score on this dresser.

 Not too bad.  It was obviously a well made piece. Nice type of mahogany. It was in pretty good shape.
The gentleman I bought it from (CL) was one of those storage war people.  Although, he 
said he got this from his uncle who had passed.  He wanted 85 for it. We agreed on $60. 
Had no idea what a score I was about to discover. 

I have never seen handles like this before. I took a quick glance at them and thought 
they were unique. Even the escutcheons were beautiful. Of course he didn't have the key. 
Does anyone ever have the key????

Anyway, got the beauty home and started my work. The handles were nice and hefty. Got out the 
Brasso and started to see how they would shine up. 
Hello!!!! Holy-Solid-Cast-Brass Batman!
Yes. Solid. No plating. I know you know how much solid brass handles cost. 
10 handles and 5 escutcheons.  You do the math.....uh-huh......Scoresville! 

Here's hubs shining the booty up on the polisher.

Want to see what they look like on the finished piece??
Like gold jewelry on a gorgeous gown....check out my Turquoise Baby!!!

I just love this color! I had planned on selling this one. But after seeing how great this color turned
out, and of course this awesome hardware, I think I'm keeping this guy. 

 So I actually used the one marked cobalt blue. However, the rep said that they had an error listing the names, as I told him this color was no where near cobalt. So I really don't know what color this is. The one labeled turquoise is more of a teal. The company was nice enough and sent me two other colors (Peacock and Black) and a jar of their burnishing paste.  It's a matte acrylic topcoat. Sort of like using wax on top of chalk paint.

This totally looks like Bo-bo the clown's dresser. 
After layering on the milk paint.
Once I start sanding, the other colors
will peek thru. 

This shows how I layered on two other colors of chalk paint before painting over the whole
thing with the milk paint.  Milk paint works best on completely bare wood. It went over the chalk paint with no problems.

 It was a paint-fest!!   I have serious issues.  While doing the dresser, I also tried out my milk paint on the new campaign dresser I picked up. Yes..a Baker Campaign dresser. For the paltry sum of $15.00!!! Don't Hate!    I will talk about that painting fiasco in my next post.....Sheesh....                               

                              To bring out the depth in the color, I used a dark wax over all of the paint. 
I hate waxing. It took quite awhile and I couldn't move the next morning. 

For the wood top. I sanded and used a mixture of stains.
All the wood got coated with Tung Oil that I got from Real Milk Paint Co. 
You can read about the oil on my last post on the bold blue dresser. 

And here is a pic of it inside my living room. 
I just kind of threw it in there,,,,haven't really had a chance to decorate around it. 
I think it's time to repaint the room. I'm so not looking forward to that. 
It's not a bad color, i'm just tired of it. 

                                                          One last look at the pretty jewelry!!

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  1. Stunning! just love that color. I need to do a unexpected color like that in my house.

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  3. Whoa, that is a stunner! I'm digging on the turquoise color! And SHUT UP! Those handles?! I die. Super impressed with the colbalt blue you used on a previous dresser too. Going to def have to check out Real Milk Paint- I just love being introduced to new kinds of paint!!

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  7. I love the layers of colors you used for the dresser--so much turquoise goodness! And all that gorgeous hardware. (It's no wonder you kept the piece.)

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  11. This is amazing!! It looks so great! I have never used milk paint before, ever! And it matches the pillows so nicely! I would love a piece like this in my home!

    Thanks so much for linking this up and sharing it at the naturally-nifty party last week!

  12. You know I would love this one too. I am so happy to find another blogger that is not afraid of color. :D Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful

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  14. This dresser is really unique, you have done such a great work there, I love it, the color is just perfect either cobalt or turquoise whatever the real name is, it just worked perfect. It is a whole new piece.

  15. Beautiful! I love the color and your workmanship. ~Kristie

  16. im doing a feature on some dresser redo's and i would like to include yours, if that would be ok please let me know

  17. another masterpiece. Thanks for letting me know where to get the burnishing paste. I'm on it!

  18. Okay, you have got to be kidding me! That is the exact color i always think of when i think turquoise and can never make or find it, and now you say it is a mistake??? Not even available?? :-( If you have any hints on how to get this exact color, let me know. I love your layering technique. I do lots of this too, with my painting. I am pretty good at custom colors, but i cannot come up with this color! (I use only ASCP, but like Milk paint too

  19. I would love to know what the color is, and also what is the waxing method?

  20. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The hardware is cool as heck ~ so funny, I always paint my brass pulls to make them look old :D So which color of milk paint was it actually?

  21. Anther stunner. Love this too. As I too am new to milk paint, I am reading every MP post with bated breather. Keep writing about how you use it, please!!

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    Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations
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  22. In love. TOTALLY in love! Yep. This is what I want for sure and for certain. Mind if I tag this and show it to...uuuummmm....absolutely everyone? Color the world! Yayness!

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