Thursday, October 11, 2012

Campaign End Tables

Woo Hoo! I have been on the Campaign look-out trail!
Ya know how you start looking for a certain item/s and you just can't find it?
And then all of a sudden they fall in you lap!  I scored this pair of end tables from one lady
and the campaign bookcase from another.

Check out the cool hardware on top!

This is by far the ugliest yellow I think I've ever seen. 
I went with gray and the trim in black. I will show you in another post! 
or check out a sneak peek below....

                                    However, the end! 

Now, what I don't love is all that tarnishy hardware. God help me. The table took all of an hour to
paint. The hardware, at least 8. Oh, I'm counting the hardware from the above bookcase.
 I haven't even started on end table #2 yet!!!
 So these brass bracket thing-a-ma-jigs, there are 28 of them on the book case and 10 of them on ONE end table plus the 4 brass corner plates on top...are ya with me?? Thats 42 plates to shine!! And lets not forget the nails that hold them in place???!!! Mkay???? Ya still with me math genies?? Uh yeah, 42 times like 4.  Thats how many nails I pulled out, shined, and put back in. And I only lost 1!!
Oh, and the handles. 10 of those.  Sheesh.  My nails and cuticles look like the underside of
a John Deere. Gross.  Brasso is ok, but Mother's works much better. 
I used steel wool and a ton of elbow grease. Compare the shine on both below!
 See the other unfinished table??? The thought of polishing all that hardware
just makes me not want to finish!
                    Oh yeah, you can't see the bottom of the legs, but they have brass plates on those too! 

I like the two tone look. The drawer fronts were sanded, lightly stained and a shellac seal coat
with a light waxing finished it off.  If I never see another brass handle again, I'll be happy.

I love the way this wood turned out!

I used semi-gloss latex paint. I sanded the wood and applied a shellac base wood sealer.
 I lightly sanded again and applied the paint, lightly sanding in between coats.

                     I think I'm keeping these. Hopefully I'll finish the other soon! 

                      Heres a pic of it sitting with the Campaign desk I finished (and since sold).

                              Check back to see the book case! Here is a sneak peek....



  1. Beautiful! I love two tone, one of my favourite styles.

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