Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cute little vintage table w/Nautical Compass

 So I stumbled across this cute little vintage piece at an estate sale. I found a drop leaf
Duncan Phyfe-style table (post to come) and saw this guy next to him. The owner was asking 15
bucks for it. Um,,,,wait,,,,OK! 

I removed the metal band and the hardware, and went to town with the sandpaper. 
I didn't know what color to do it in. 
 And then I happened upon Domestically Speaking's post and saw her blog on painted rugs. 
I came across the nautical compass on a rug done by Mandi at
Vintage Revivals   here.
Her instructions were awesome!!  I scaled her measurements down to fit inside this table, but it was
pretty darn easy! I found the middle and drew a cross that measured about 12". Then the intersecting lines were done at about 7".  I connected the dots. Drew 2 circles, outlined them and then painted. I used my 2" letter stencils and then sealed the whole mess w/wax. Piece 'O cake!!  If you need to see detailed instructions, her tutorial has some great pics and how to's.  Oh, and her rug that she drew this on came out unbelievable! Check out her blog (after you finish mine of course!)
 This is my koi pond.  My fish are checkin' out the table!!

I used some Mother of Pearl knobs that I picked up from HL 

 Oh i forgot,,,,Paint.....Um, i used a custardy (yes it's a word) yellow on the base and then
painted over everything with Martha Stewart's "Marine"mixed w/a little gray.  I used my own chalk paint recipe. The gray on the compass is also MS

 The drawer got finished in the same custard-y yellow....
Her brassy feet polished up nicely! 

And there you have it! One vintage table turned into a cute little accent piece. I hope someone
really enjoys this piece.  I don't have anywhere for it.

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  1. Love your little table its so cute. I especially love the color.

  2. Hi Beth!
    So nice to find your blog. I found you through a comment you left for me and I am now your newest follower. Great paint ideas here!

  3. I discovered you on Miss Mustard Seed. Your table is gorgeous! I'm now your new follower.

  4. This is a gorgeous table! I love the Compass. Great change up from repetitive stencils!

  5. Saw this over at Restore Interiors. Nice choice in design and colors. I'm not usually into chalk paint or weathered-looking pieces, but I think it's very appropriate here. And what a great table for a steal!

  6. Just wanted you to know I featured your adorable table on my blog!

  7. You've done a lovely job with your table and I've got this linked to my nautical post too today, well done!