Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring Colored Campaign Chest

I have done many, many campaign pieces. A few years ago they were all the rage. Now that things have calmed down on the campaign trail (so to speak!) they show up everywhere! I picked up this guy off CL last year. Wasn't going to win any beauty awards, I can say that much. 

 Hideous colors and a marred laminate top to boot! yay for me. 

These pieces always invoke a glossy Palm Beach vibe to me. 
 And what better colors than white and coral say Florida??? Exactly. 

 As usual, I used my BM Advance in glossy on this one.

 The one drawback to doing this guys is the hardware. Good God. Between dismantling them, cleaning, polishing and putting it back on, it almost takes as much time as painting.  I hate doing this hardware! And it tarnishes again so quickly! 

                                                  But they are cute little guys.


  1. Love it! Did you use the BM Advance primer as well? I'm always leery about painting laminate and I'd love to hear what works for you. Thanks, Lynn