Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wood wall art/headboard

Feels so good to be working again! That whooping cough took me out of the loop for awhile!  I was finally able to finish my sons headboard/wall art to go above his platform bed. For that post, click here


The sleeping portion of his room. You're looking through the opening of the wall we cut into to make his room larger. That half is his "hang-out" part. TV, computer, futon for friends to sleep over, etc. 

 The boards above are what I started with. I ripped all of them into 1" pieces and then cut those to fit like a wood floor. Alternating lengths.  

             Once the boards were cut down, each one got sanded, stained and coated with a sealer. I laid them out on the plywood to determine the size I wanted. 

    Here is a shot of the room before we did the acid staining concrete treatment. 

 The plywood backing board was squared off and framed. You have to make sure your measurements are dead on to avoid ending up with the last row being way off. As it was, I had to plane off almost an 1/8" of an inch due to some of the boards bowing and taking up more room. 

I tried different bedding ensembles!

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