Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Broyhill knock-off in Red!

I snagged this Broyhill look-alike last month. I really enjoy working on these.
                           After I stripped away the ugly finish, I was left with this:

After stripping the top and seeing the almost perfect walnut, I couldn't paint it. 
Well, not all of it anyway! I'm not a big red person, but I wanted to go a bit more masculine with this piece. Plus I had planned on facing the inner drawer fronts with this cool Ikat fabric I got. So I decided to coordinate the doors with that.

The flash really makes this red appear neon. It's not. Really. 

And of course I had to do the sides of the drawers! Just my "thang"!
                           I did the black by hand/brush. Too lazy to get out the sprayer. 

 I love the original hardware. After I let it soak in vinegar and baking soda, I applied Brasso and scrubbed it with steel wool. Almost like new again. 
 I am literally running out of places in my home to stage. I really don't like the framed art work above this piece, but I can't be bothered with hanging something else! Even though I have a really cool framed poster that would go so much better!  sigh.....later...

                This one is for sale in my Etsy shop, "FourAcesVintage"

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  1. Hey! checking thru your stuff! You've got some pretty funky beautiful furniture. I think this one is one of my favs though. That pop of Red!!! Very cool.:)