Friday, January 10, 2014

Whistlin' Dixie with my new MCM!!

I am on a roll with these mid century modern beauties! They are so much fun to re-do!!
This is the first Dixie-made one that I've come across.  Although, this isn't the first one 
to be in such rough shape!  Have a looksie,,,,

   What in the world do people do to the tops of their furniture??! I mean, come on! 
Do they sharpen their ice skates on them??

Woohoo,,She cleans up rather nicely!! Gotta love wood. It's so forgiving! 
Walnut is gorgeous when it's refinished!!
Can you believe the difference in the top??? Some sanding, and some nice dark stain,,,,,,

Ok.....Notice the bottom left. There was a big chunk missing. I knew I would have to paint this
edging but I was hoping that I could fill it in with my wood epoxy without it being too noticeable. 

Not too bad. If I didn't tell you, you probably wouldn't have even noticed! 
Please excuse my horrid garage floor. Paint out here much?? Hmmmm...uh, yeah,,whatever...

Also, Notice the original peg legs??? Well, I happen to like the hairpins better.
It just adds so much more dimension to the finished piece. 
This is the 3rd time I've used these and I get them from  Daniel makes these himself. All sizes and for all sorts
of pieces of furniture. He is an awesome welder. Check out his site and blog,,
he also has an Etsy store,,,Check it out!!!
This is how easy these legs are to apply! 
(And if you're wondering why I took off the originals, someone else had messed them
up and attached them in a different spot)

These are the 12"  (1/2" diameter) stainless steel legs. They are so simple
to attach. Easy Peasy!   Thanks again Dan!! 

Yes, I had custom pillows made from the same fabric I used in the drawers!
One last look inside at my cool coral fabric!! 


  1. As always such beautiful work. Your fabric in the drawers is perfect. Happy new year!

  2. This is an amazing makeover! Please come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase! I cohost over there and it's open now! Cuz I would sure like to pin this to our board! Hope to see ya there!


  3. Love the pops of blue... so pretty! Featuring it in this week's Power of Paint Party!

  4. I saw this dresser at a link party and thought "that looks like Beth's work." I scroll down, and low and behold, I was right! Beautifully done! I actually like the look of the handmade hairpins better than some of the more traditional ones. Thanks for the link!