Thursday, July 11, 2013

MCM with custom hairpin legs!

I picked up this piece for a good price, sans legs! Which is fine. I have been wanting
to order some hairpin legs and attach those to the right piece. 
 Looks pretty rough right?? Don't be afraid to pick up a piece that looks like this. Wood is so forgiving!
(Sometimes!) Although these are usually veneered, if the damage isn't too deep, you can sand it right off! 
Take a peek at the after! 

I was going to paint it. But the wood really turned out nice. Then I thought I would just paint the drawers. But they really turned out nice! Well I had to paint something! So I did the turquoise
on the insets, but it wasn't enough. So, I though I would try some graphic lines. Done! 
Frog tape! 

I did graduating grits for sanding, conditioned it prior to staining, used "Kona" to stain, another fine sanding, and then a semi-gloss sealer from "Deft". Used steel wool on that, and then a second coat! 

Look at how rich this walnut is!! I just love it with turquoise or orange. Plus it fits the era. 

I realize not everyone is into mid century modern. It's different. But I like to do all kinds of 
furniture. This is a complete 180 from the antique buffet I just did in milk paint. Two 
completely different techniques as well. But that's what I like. Variation.  And just like people, there
is a piece of furniture for everyone's liking!