Thursday, November 8, 2012

Something different.....

I actually got another one identical to this,   CL of course!
I came across a roadside rescue of a dresser from that I fell in love with! They did a phenomenal job painting their dresser.  
I hate to be a total copy-cat, but I loved everything about it!
Including the color. Karin and Katie, I hope you don't mind!!

I mixed up my own green chalk paint, since I'm up to my eyeballs in paint! 
I just kept adding colors until I liked the shade!

 I sanded everything because it had a glossy finish. I stained the top in a dark walnut mixed
 with a little red mahogany.

 I don't have pics of the actual painting process because I was too lazy to go inside and get the camera! What I did was freehand the the leaves using regular chalk. 
If I made a mistake, it erased easily! I went back with some off-white chalk paint 
and a small painters brush, and filled in the pattern.

                                            Glass knobs from HL finished her off!


  1. I love it! You did a great job!!!
    Its beautiful!

  2. I love the design! So clever and creative! And the color rocks!

  3. How do you change things so people can stop stealing your content? I have a horrible time with my photos. It's one thing when someone shares what you've done, but to flat out steel it to advertise for their own good is REALLY bothering me; I like you, put in countless hours working hard to create unique things and am sick and tired of people taking advantage.

  4. THIS IS AWESOME! Like, really really fabulous. I also love your tip of using chalk to freehand. I never thought of that and will definitely be using that one in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your creation at Get Schooled I will be featuring it next week:)

  5. I'm a sucker for a dark stained top. And this looks fabulous with the teal/turquoise color. Wish it was mine!

  6. Oh SERIOUSLY! *sluuuurp*. That's me sucking up my drool. I love it that much.

  7. WOW! gorgeous! i can't even believe it's the same piece! :)

  8. Featuring at Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday tonight! :)