Friday, July 27, 2012

Buttery Goodness

Just so you guys don't think I'm a total color junkie, I decided to something a little more sedate. This may sound goofy, but I look at a piece and let the color speak to me. Huh?? Ok, break out the tarot cards. No, I mean, I never like to go against the piece. I don't want to force it to be something than it really is. Ok, I sound like a complete whack-job. I like to wear those nice white coats with the funny sleeves!  No, really, I just like to keep it real. Oh shut-up already.   Here is the newest member.

Not really sure why my dog is tasting the mirror. 

So I found this off of CL (surprise!). The entire piece is veneered in birds-eye maple.
I haven't seen this type of dresser done in this wood. Usually it's oak or mahogany. 
It wasn't in terrible shape but the veneer wasn't all that great that I would have wanted to leave
it unpainted. At some point it had been painted white and the people I got it from stripped 
down to it's original state. They didn't do all that bang up of a job. 
 There was some water damage and the veneer was lifting pretty good along the bottom.
Glue and wood filler fixed this issue. However, I had no choice but to paint it now. 

Here's a quick peek after waxing in the garage. I decided to leave the top as is. Just cleaned it up and 
applied a new coat of stain. This was such a warm piece so I chose a soft buttery yellow. I love the way it plays up the golden tones in the wood and key hole covers. As usual, I made my own chalk paint.
I had a Behr "oops" sample of this yellow. I used every last drop. 

 Those original handles had to go!  Luckily I had 6 of these mother-of- pearl knobs from Hobby Lobby  that went perfectly with the color! 

I thought I would try something different and stencil the sides. I had some MS semi-gloss paint in "Custard" that I thought would contrast nicely. However, after I pulled the stencil away, you could barely see it. I wanted it faint, but not this faint! I didn't have enough of the other to paint over it, so I just left it. 

I also refinished the mirror. Restained and coated with dark wax. 
The top got a acrylic top coat.

The drawers were in pretty good shape, but the actual bottoms were icky. I always like to line the drawers to jazz things up a bit!  This piece is going up " For Sale!!"


  1. This piece is so pretty, the colour really suits it and i love love the mother of pearl handles. Fab job. Looking forward to the next one (no pressure!)
    Lesley in Brisbane

  2. wow! I'm so glad you had to paint this piece. IT's a million times better. Well done.

  3. You really did this piece justice! Love the paint job too:) I have a VERY similar dresser and I went with chalk paint please stop by and take a peek:)

  4. Looks beautiful...I'm sure it will sell quickly! Hopped over from Sunday's Best and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. From one painter to another ~ Judy @

  5. Well I'm so glad you painted her, because her make over turned out beautiful. Bet she goes quickly, because I would snatch her up! I also like how you left the top natural,when I finish pieces I typically leave the top natural. Love the light and dark contrast it provides. So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

  6. It turned out just beautiful!

  7. beautiful! and the new knobs are much more feminine and fit the shape better!

  8. It is so beautiful! I love that you kept the mirrow and the top natural.

  9. Love the yellow! You chose wisely! Looks great! :)

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  10. I love the color and I love that you distressed it! I am such a wimp when it comes to distressing.. I am so worried that I will ruin all my hard work.. but you piece is so gorgeous that I am going to have to try! So glad I found you blog.. and am your newest follower! If you ever have a chance come check out mine!


  11. I totally love it!
    I understand: I love color too.... sometimes I have to force myself to make something more subdued.....
    It turned out fabulous girl!

  12. what a lovely redo on this piece. I have always loved pieces like this,but have never been lucky to find one. And now, we have no space to add more funiture in our home. :(
    I like that you lined the drawers. Love that little unexpected touch.

  13. It's beautiful!!!!!!! I am visiting from the sassy sites link party. I am you newest follower! I blog over at I hope you will stop by and do the same. I also have an awesome giveaway going on with a Cricut Machine! It's only got a few hours left on it so hurry over and enter!


  14. Gorgeous dresser beautifully painted! I love this!!!

  15. I really like what you did with this dresser. I have one that could almost be its twin. As someone who likes to restore old furniture do you have avenues that you recommend to sell a raw piece to someone like you that would give it a new life?