Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vintage Updated!

I picked up this great Thomasville piece months ago with the intention of replacing my own dresser. It sat in the garage for months until I decided what to do with it. I changed my
 mind about using it myself, so I thought I would "update" this piece and hope to 
find a lucky buyer for it.
It's a beautifully well made piece. The drawers are in impeccable shape. 
But like pieces of it's time, it had that real glossy finish and that brown wicker inserts.
I decided on a nice gray and change the wicker to mirrors. 

Here's what I ended up with:

Just a bit of a diff! So all the hardware got sprayed with a nickel finish to play off 
the mirrors (more on that later on!).

So here's the process.  WARNING: Photo overload! 

Everything was sanded, because that's just what I like to do.  I think it gives a nicer finish, especially on a newer smooth piece like this one. I mixed my own chalk paint using a few different grays and black. I also lightly spray-primed, just because. 
Of course, I had to have a cool beverage to see me through this exhausting procedure. 

This was my garage at 9PM.  Just a tad warm. I know the rest of the country has been sweltering, but up until this week, So Cal has had very mild weather for summer. 
The paint just literally dries in minutes at this temp. 
I went to HD and bought a box of 12X12 mirrors for 10 bucks.  I messed up the first piece and ended up going to a glass cutter. He cut two of them, but took longer than his boss wanted. So after watching how it was done, I went home to cut the other two pieces. I already had a glass cutter that I use for stained glass pieces.  
I forgot how easy it is to slice your fingers! Ya think??
 I literally went through all 6 mirror pieces to get 4 that fit correctly in the insert! 

I wanted something a little different, so I painted some flowery-twig things 
using ASCP in Pure White

I had a small issue with some mold(??) in the lower left drawer. Have no idea how, except it must have gotten wet before I bought it. It sat in my dry garage for months so I know it didn't come from me. I cleaned everything very well with bleach and wiped it down. The drawer bottom was a little warped and split where the moisture had seeped in.  I decided to paint and line both bottom drawers. I think it looks so much cleaner!  
The other drawers were just in too good of shape to justify lining them.

I love this little jewelry holder thingamajing that they used to put in these dressers.  Seriously, they don't make them like this anymore!  And though this dresser is somewhat petite, it weighs a ton!
I did very minimal distressing. Just enough to add a little character. 

The plant to the left was my inspiration for the top.  

The piece turned out so nice. I think it will make a great addition to someone's room.  
Hope you like it! 


  1. Wow - you definitely made her pretty again - this piece is just beautiful!!!

  2. Love the mirrors and the twiggy thing! :)

  3. beautiful! the mirrors were a fantastic idea! and LOVE the design on top, too! so sorry you cut yourself- ouch!

  4. Wow, love your updated, good old dresser. Glad you didn't distress it to much! Found you at Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  5. Just lovely. I like the mirrors that you added. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.