Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Bold with RED Milk Paint!!

I've been sooooo busy. I finally got into a space at a store! 

But first.....
I Just completed another "Go Bold" Milk Paint Dresser!!! 
Can you say,  "RED".   OMG.  This milk paint, from the Real Milk Paint co. , has the most 
brilliant red! It's gorgeous! The tung-oil finish just makes it so beautiful. 

 I wasn't about to lug this in the house to stage it, only to lug it back out the next morning to transport it to the store! So you will just have to use you imagination, forgive my trashed garage floor, and shop-vac in the background! 

I painted the wooden knobs 'cuz I didn't have enough of the crystal!  I painted the appliques milk paint red and then dry-brushed w/CeCe's white.
 I found this cool fabric to line the drawers!

Dwayne over at "Real Milk Paint co." was kind enough to hook me up with these beautiful colors
to try out! I can't believe how beautiful this red turned out.  Thanks "Dwayne!!!"
From the left is a large bottle of PURE tung-oil. You mix it with the citrus solvent and then apply after painting. I love using this stuff!  The white bottle is milk paint bonder. Since I was using bare clean wood, I didn't have to use it. 

Here was the before after I had hit it with the sander. 

This was something new to me. Never had this before. The side was bulging so I thought the veneer had gotten wet and warped.  Nope. It was a knot hole that was petrified! It had probably leaked sap at some point, and broke open! Really weird.  Took me hours to fix this thing.
 In retrospect, if you want to do a really pro job, you would buy a new sheet of veneer to replace this one. Or, load up on the chalk paint and cover up the whole mess. Where I ran into trouble was after I
filled the area with bondo, (wood filler shrinks. Not good for large fills) and sand, it's smooth. Unlike the surrounding area which is textured w/grooves from the oak. When I painted it, you could tell.

Since milk paint actually seeps into the pores of the wood, you really need to have a good surface area. 

The below pic is after the first attempt. Ick. 
I sanded it all down again, cleaned it up and refilled the smaller divots with wood filler.
I left tiny ridges in the filler and didn't sand them out. I was trying to match the texture of the 
surrounding wood. I gave it a few more coats and it looked good! 
Sorry...Forgot to snap an after photo! You will just have to take my word on it!
This side distressed and chipped off pretty good. And it wasn't even the part that I messed with! 

What I like about the milk paint is applying the tung-oil. So easy. And the color just pops!
I probably applied 4-5 coats of tung-oil on the the top and 2-3 on the rest. The oil will actually harden
as it ages. I love that stuff! The drawer shows the difference between oil and un-oiled. 

Oh I forgot,,,,,I actually brushed on a little of the black milk paint first. Now this black is BLACK!
I'm actually looking forward to trying out this color on a piece! It would be great layered w/that
cobalt or yellow! 

I took this piece into the store today. I will try and snap some pics of it tomorrow! 


  1. looks awesome! i love the bold red and love the fun surprise in the drawers!

  2. i love the fabric you used in the drawers. looks so good!