Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Custom Pet Bed from a Vintage Hexagon Table

I was approached by a customer who saw my pet bed for sale and wanted to know if I could do it in a different color. She wanted it done in a dark teal with a black glazing and a dark red interior. Mine was black and white w/turq. 

Rather than repainting this one, I found another one for sale on Craigslist that was almost identical in looks (but not in quality. More on that tidbit later!) Plus, she wanted it to sit higher so she bought some short legs. 

 I had already started to rough up the finish on this one. Now when I mentioned quality, I meant the MDF stuff! That's what this was around the door frame and such. How did I know??? When the screws just fell out and the door came apart! 
I'm so fortunate to have a handy husband who can figure out how to build, attach, fix,

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Vintage Thomasville Faux Bamboo Desk

This bamboo line from Thomasville was/is very popular. Original paint finish for this guy was the white laminate top with yellowy-green paint finish. Not so popular in this day and age! The desk was part of the entire bedroom set. I know a lot of fellow finishers have done the desk and the dresser.
I've wanted to do one for quite awhile and finally stumbled across this piece online. 

I couldn't seem to find any before picture, other than this one I had atop another piece. My hoarder condition in the garage is reaching alarming proportions. You know you have issues when start stacking your inventory three-high! 

This is a stock photo I googled. Mine was almost identical in condition.

 Everything but the top got a good sanding. The drawers (inside, and all of the wood sides) got

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another Dixie mcm w/a Graphic Paint job!

I just love doing the mid century dressers and credenzas. For this one I used Fine Paints of Europe, Eco line. This is an acrylic/oil hybrid that is water based. The pigments in this paint are so rich and deep, they literally pop! For this piece I picked a gorgeous chartreuse. Now, this isn't a color that everyone can use, but I don't think it overwhelms the piece and will go with any gray, black/white decor. It's an accent piece. When I picked it up, someone had already taken off the legs and built some sort of base for it to sit on.  It came to mid thigh level! I asked the owner, "Where's the rest of it??:" 
 No, no. This base thing had to go! 
                   Luckily, i had some spare peg legs lying around the garage and attached those!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Custom Painting some Front doors!

I was contacted by a local couple who saw my blue hutch and wondered if I could do the same coloring on their front doors. I figured, "why not?"
 The two doors are solid mahogany and had a coat of paint on them. I gave them the estimate for stripping off all the current paint and prepping it for paint. Obviously, a ton of work. To keep the cost down, the client asked if her husband could do all the prep work. fine by me!! 'Cause everyone knows just how keen I am on stripping wood.  Especially something of this magnitude! I said it had to be completely stripped and sanded smooth. They said ok.  Uh, not what happened! lol
 I had already started sanding when I ran to get the camera. See the middle portion?? That's what the rest looked like when I got it. I asked what he used and he said, "60 grit sandpaper." That's it??? What about the 150 and 220 and the inside grooves along the glass???  He just stared at me. Hmmmm,,,no.
I told them no way. This needed about 5 more hours of finishing work. 60 grit sandpaper on wood

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A little, new mcm cabinet

You ever start something and then it just sort of sits,,,,,for months,,,,,and maybe a few more months,,,,?? Well, yep, that was this guy. 

I started off painting this with Sherwin Williams paint. I really don't know why I changed from Advance. Maybe it was the color. I ended up going back to Advance. The SW paint was just horrible. After 2 coats I ended up sanding it all back and redoing it with the Advance glossy. So much better. 

 Look at this beautiful shine! This was all hand brushed too. You must sand between coats. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Amerasia Pagoda Dresser

Kent Coffey Amerasia Pagoda Dresser. Only one I've come across in four years. Needless to say, this one went quickly. A customer saw this in my inventory off of Etsy and wanted it customized.  Since this was being used as a media cabinet, she wanted me to remove the far right drawers in order to contain her electronics. 

Hub removed the drawers and other pieces and cut some luan to fill the side and bottom. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Custom Colors on a Vanity-Modern Masters

I know my posts have been few and far between, but not for lack of things to do! I've had many custom order requests and have been very busy! I haven't even been able to touch my inventory or create any designs. A local couple had seen my blog and loved the color of a blue chest I had finished.  They asked if I could do the same color on their vanity they just purchased. 
 They picked the colors of metallic blue on the body and pink on the inside. I did my own personal mix of MM Venetian Blue mixed with some Black Pearl. 
The before and after on the drawers. There were quite a few missing pieces of wood that got filled. I also removed this part of the molding to paint. I chose to spray the inside of compartment area and thought I would try a lacquer. 
The spray lacquer is Begonia from Amy Howard. It's nice, but towards the end of the can, the glossiness went away! I believe I had to coat the entire part with a clear lacquer top coat!