Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lane Brutalist in the works!

So I finally found one of these guys a few weeks ago! 
I swear, the Brutalist is like searching for the Holy Grail or something! And to find one that is actually affordable in order to redo.....well,,,that's a double whammy of rareness. 

 The base needed major repairs.
MDF is the pits when it gets
wet. It just blows apart,,,as you can see. This was the back and side pieces. Luckily the front piece remained intact. 

Bought some new pine boards and measuring them before attaching. 

Yes I'm doing another ceruse treatment. But it's not done yet. 
 Teaser Pic!! 

Seriously this is the most labor intensive project. All those little squares!! Everything is done by
hand. Sanding priming painting,,,yep.  Hours of work.  So stand-by.  The end is near! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Asian-Style Mid Century Cabinet

This is number two of the cabinets that came back from AZ. ('Cause there isn't enough Craigslist stuff for me to peruse here in So. Cal.....uh huh, whatever). I am not a hoarder,,,I do not have a sickness,,,,
                    Solid wood. Nice gold hardware. It's cute. Well, it could be a whole lot cuter.

See?  Cute!!
What is not to like about coral and gold. 

Now wait. It's gonna get cuter......
Vibrant Turquoise Shelves (because this shade just naturally compliments coral)
and gold cherry blossom stenciling. Just because. 

                 I have to say that BM Advance paint is hands down, awesome. I brushed this. 
        You must sand between coats to get it smooth and even.  This paint really is the shiznik.....

                                 I sanded down the top and stained it in a weathered gray. 

And of course Punkinhead has to get in on the action. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Cute little Victrola Cabinet Make-Over!

As if stalking Craigslist in my hometown isn't enough, I have to stalk in neighboring states! When the other half went to visit family in AZ, I just had to take a gander of what was for sale there! He brought back two small mid century cabinets. This one used to house a victrola phonograph, or record player. People born from 1980 on have no clue what I'm referring to. 
Something like this:
So when I got the one below, someone had already gutted it. 
And not very kindly either....

The wood was decent. 
That imitation "wood" contact paper had to go! I planned on replacing it with some cool fabric.
The legs and top were sanded and stained. 

I knew I wanted to try a stencil on the top. I didn't realize when I ordered this, that it was so big! 

I used CeCe's black chalk paint that I mixed with some gold glitter things you buy with Valspars' metallic paint

And here is what I ended up with! 

Can you see the bling??? Look at 5 o'clock. 

 I love this Ikat fabric called "Licorice". Thought it suited this piece perfectly! 

I was going to bring the fabric all the way up the sides and back to hide the hack job of whomever gutted this guy, but then I thought I would just make things easy on me can spray the inside and underside of the top. The outside was hand brushed with BM black in a semi-gloss. 
 I love this little guy. Could be a side table or a night stand.
So many ways to deck it out. Books, baskets, whatever! 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

An Ebonized Cerused Campaign Dresser

I picked up this very nice Lane campaign chest while stalking CL ;)
Ya know, if you've followed my blog at all, you know I'm into the unique and colorful. 
I hate doing the same old thing with the same old boring paint. I constantly strive to do something outside of the box as well as doing something different. Painting furniture has really gone wild in the last year. I don't know who put out the memo, but it used to be just me and one or two other ladies in my area. Now it's like every other person and their mother is doing it! Slap some chalk paint on a piece of furniture, put it up for sale at some ridiculously low price and voila! Professional furniture painter! 
 So, because of that, I like to mix things up. 
           I wanted to do the ceruse technique again.  If you missed my previous post, click here.....
At the bottom is the original drawer, stripped and at the top, stained with aniline dye in ebony.
 As much as I love these finished pieces, they are quite the pain to transform. It's the hardware!! Do you know much work it is to remove all of these pieces? The handles are bad enough to clean and scrub and polish but then add in all the corner pieces and their screws! There was like, 60 of them!?? Those were sprayed because they are just too small to polish. Everything else got elbow grease and Brasso. Then comes the fun task of putting everything back on! Seriously. Takes forever. Oh, when removing the pieces, I mark all their positions. Stuff just fits better if you put it back in their original spots. IMHO

Like the other one I did, this is a walnut veneer. Still waiting to try this out on an oak piece. 

Here she is! 

                                             Obviously the ceruse just got done to the drawers. 
                                             The body was done in a SW semi-gloss black enamel.
Black is so hard to photograph
 I rolled and brushed the enamel. Numerous times. 
I love this piece because it's not cookie cutter. You won't find another out there like it! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

French Vanity in a new milk paint color!

I found this vanity that a lady was selling as a set. I've been on the lookout for one just like it so I could try out this new color called, "Gypsy Pink" from the Real Milk Paint Co.
I saw it on another vanity similar to this one and thought it looked gorgeous! 
 I did sand the top down completely. In other parts, I didn't so I used the bonding agent.

 I mod podged some fabric on the sides and painted the bottoms in "Radiant Orchid". 
 Yes, this really is the color! More like a fuchsia than pink. 
 I used a tung oil and paste wax to finish off the paint.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Frenchie of a Different Color

I got so tired of having to move around this guy in the garage, that I finally made the effort to paint it. I got it in January,,,,,,of 2013.  
Well, I didn't want to rush it. 
 I was saving it for something special. I like the standard white. But sometimes you just have to try something different.  
"Dusty Amethyst" 
My own custom color made into chalk paint. I used 3 different shades. 
The 3rd and 5th drawers are painted and sanded. Nothing else. The top two had my black glazing and dark wax. Quite the diff eh?
And of course my signature two-tone look. 
I love the dark walnut top with this color. 

Ah, this hardware. God I hate doing lots of hardware. Each handle is
3 separate pieces. That's 30, if you don't feel like doing some math. Bad enough having to remove all of it let alone painting it with gray chalk
paint, dark wax, buffing and then silver gilding wax. Oh, and a sealer. 
I just had to add some coordinating fabric to line the top drawer! 
Purple Ikat and Velvet??? Hello??!!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Subway art on Reclaimed wood

I was commissioned to do two boards for a couple who saw my work somewhere (?)
lol.  They wanted it done big and using reclaimed wood.  They found a place selling the reclaimed wood so I went there and found a barn wood bonanza!! 150+ year old wood. 

Forgot to get a pic before I cut them all and pieced the board together. 
But here is a shot of the wood in raw, albeit cleaned and sanded:
                                These boards are so dense and surprisingly heavy.

They wanted these specific colors. I used milk paint on one because they have the most awesome shade of turquoise! I've used it on a lot of pieces and people just love it. The second color was a custom mixture of chalk paint.

 This is my house, not theirs.  I just propped it up to get a photo. It would obviously hang on a wall.

And here is the second one....