Saturday, October 3, 2015

Amerasia Pagoda Dresser

Kent Coffey Amerasia Pagoda Dresser. Only one I've come across in four years. Needless to say, this one went quickly. A customer saw this in my inventory off of Etsy and wanted it customized.  Since this was being used as a media cabinet, she wanted me to remove the far right drawers in order to contain her electronics. 

Hub removed the drawers and other pieces and cut some luan to fill the side and bottom. 

   I wanted this to look as smooth as possible so I filled in every hole and gap. 
She wanted the body painted white and the inside spot was done in Van Deusen Blue, BM.

Sorry for the horrible staging photo. This was getting shipped out the following day and I didn't want to bother moving this beast inside! This was when the weather was Africa hot too. Took me forever to get this thing done because the temp in the garage wouldn't go down below 90!! Even at night! 
Oh, and major issues with the priming. The mahogany loves to bleed!  

 A few of the drawers were in dreadful shape. I ended up replacing two of them. The others just got a good sanding and shellac spray. 

You can purchase the replacement luan at a big box store. I just wiped on a quick stain to match the others. Cut to fit and glue down!  Good as new! 
                           This was the original. All it needed was some sanding and cleaning.
 Pure white by BM in a satin finish. Hardware got major cleaning and polishing

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  1. Totally gorgeous piece of furniture and I love how you updated it! I envy you painting the inside. I tried that w/ a bedside table I painted for my daughter and it looked awful, LOL.