Sunday, October 4, 2015

A little, new mcm cabinet

You ever start something and then it just sort of sits,,,,,for months,,,,,and maybe a few more months,,,,?? Well, yep, that was this guy. 

I started off painting this with Sherwin Williams paint. I really don't know why I changed from Advance. Maybe it was the color. I ended up going back to Advance. The SW paint was just horrible. After 2 coats I ended up sanding it all back and redoing it with the Advance glossy. So much better. 

 Look at this beautiful shine! This was all hand brushed too. You must sand between coats. 

 I redid the wood drawer and the doors. Did a little tape-off action for something different. When I changed paint, these doors were already done. Well, the doors got nicked up somehow and the old paint shade didn't match the new one, so I ended up having to sand the doors down and redoing these as well! I was able to tape off the wood part to avoid having to redo that. 
 Semi-Gloss top coat (GF I think) for the wood drawer. 
Shines like a mirror! Love this paint. 

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