Monday, September 7, 2015

Custom Colors on a Vanity-Modern Masters

I know my posts have been few and far between, but not for lack of things to do! I've had many custom order requests and have been very busy! I haven't even been able to touch my inventory or create any designs. A local couple had seen my blog and loved the color of a blue chest I had finished.  They asked if I could do the same color on their vanity they just purchased. 
 They picked the colors of metallic blue on the body and pink on the inside. I did my own personal mix of MM Venetian Blue mixed with some Black Pearl. 
The before and after on the drawers. There were quite a few missing pieces of wood that got filled. I also removed this part of the molding to paint. I chose to spray the inside of compartment area and thought I would try a lacquer. 
The spray lacquer is Begonia from Amy Howard. It's nice, but towards the end of the can, the glossiness went away! I believe I had to coat the entire part with a clear lacquer top coat!
 I was not a happy camper! You see how flat it is in some parts?? No bueno. 
 I do believe you can obtain the same results with an enamel spray for half the cost of this spray lacquer. I wish Rustoleum or Valspar had this vibrant color of pink. 
             I didn't have enough to do the drawer sides, so I used a BM pink color that was close. I know in the pic it doesn't look like it, but it does match! 
They also wanted a lot of gold, but I thought doing every single groove and detail would be too much. They let me have free rein to paint it as I saw fit. The gold moldings were a spray metallic, Valspar I believe. Ditto for the handles. The area around the mirror was completely stripped and stained. It was a very nice piece of cherry and I didn't want to paint over it. Removing the mirror was no big deal.
I also sprayed the little decorative pieces holding it in place.

Detail shot of the drawer. 

This middle top portion was such a headache! For whatever reason, I couldn't get it nice and smooth like the outer ones. I ended up painting and sanding it down 7 times!
Do you see the lines going across on the left side? Those are the brush marks.  They got smoothed out with steel wool and then given another coat. The ends probably got 3-4 times each and the middle part??? OY. Like I said, 7 times.  Love the paint, hate applying it. I used 4 different brushes and different mixtures. I used Helmsman outdoor varnish mixed with the paint as the top coat. Between that and record temperatures, I just could not get it to go on right. It was so hot, the paint would dry on the first stroke. Had to wait until it cooled down a bit.  Anyway, They like it and I'm glad to be done with it! 


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  9. Saw this on Pinterest, I was curious on how the before looked like.
    What a beautiful color of blue!

  10. I am totally blown away--and this is a color I would never consider using in my decor. Nevertheless, the piece is beyond gorgeous!