Friday, April 4, 2014

Asian-Style Mid Century Cabinet

This is number two of the cabinets that came back from AZ. ('Cause there isn't enough Craigslist stuff for me to peruse here in So. Cal.....uh huh, whatever). I am not a hoarder,,,I do not have a sickness,,,,
                    Solid wood. Nice gold hardware. It's cute. Well, it could be a whole lot cuter.

See?  Cute!!
What is not to like about coral and gold. 

Now wait. It's gonna get cuter......
Vibrant Turquoise Shelves (because this shade just naturally compliments coral)
and gold cherry blossom stenciling. Just because. 

                 I have to say that BM Advance paint is hands down, awesome. I brushed this. 
        You must sand between coats to get it smooth and even.  This paint really is the shiznik.....

                                 I sanded down the top and stained it in a weathered gray. 

And of course Punkinhead has to get in on the action. 

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  1. Cute!!! Love that you left the hardware gold too! So classy now

  2. Wow...! What a transformation !! You did choose a pretty color and the hardware really compliment it great ! Beautiful piece of furniture !

  3. Love that color and the hardware. And your cat is a cutie too, lol cats think they are so helpful!

  4. I love that color! And the gold hardware is the perfect touch!