Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lane Brutalist in the works!

So I finally found one of these guys a few weeks ago! 
I swear, the Brutalist is like searching for the Holy Grail or something! And to find one that is actually affordable in order to redo.....well,,,that's a double whammy of rareness. 

 The base needed major repairs.
MDF is the pits when it gets
wet. It just blows apart,,,as you can see. This was the back and side pieces. Luckily the front piece remained intact. 

Bought some new pine boards and measuring them before attaching. 

Yes I'm doing another ceruse treatment. But it's not done yet. 
 Teaser Pic!! 

Seriously this is the most labor intensive project. All those little squares!! Everything is done by
hand. Sanding priming painting,,,yep.  Hours of work.  So stand-by.  The end is near! 

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