Friday, March 21, 2014

Cute little Victrola Cabinet Make-Over!

As if stalking Craigslist in my hometown isn't enough, I have to stalk in neighboring states! When the other half went to visit family in AZ, I just had to take a gander of what was for sale there! He brought back two small mid century cabinets. This one used to house a victrola phonograph, or record player. People born from 1980 on have no clue what I'm referring to. 
Something like this:
So when I got the one below, someone had already gutted it. 
And not very kindly either....
The wood was decent. 
That imitation "wood" contact paper had to go! I planned on replacing it with some cool fabric.
The legs and top were sanded and stained. 

I knew I wanted to try a stencil on the top. I didn't realize when I ordered this, that it was so big! 

I used CeCe's black chalk paint that I mixed with some gold glitter things you buy with Valspars' metallic paint

And here is what I ended up with! 

Can you see the bling??? Look at 5 o'clock. 

 I love this Ikat fabric called "Licorice". Thought it suited this piece perfectly! I was going to bring the fabric all the way up the sides and back to hide the hack job of whomever gutted this guy, but then I thought I would just make things easy on me can spray the inside and underside of the top. The outside was hand brushed with BM black in a semi-gloss. 
 I love this little guy. Could be a side table or a night stand.
So many ways to deck it out. Books, baskets, whatever! 

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  1. Wow what a difference a little love and paint can make!

  2. Beth, I have been looking for that EXACT stencil for a credenza I'm working on. Where did you get it?