Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Custom Staining Decorative Top.

I've been somewhat lax in keeping my blog updated. Not because I haven't been doing anything but rather I've been doing too many things! Does anyone else start on one project, see something else that looks cool, start on that, only to get sidelined by, yep you guessed it, something else!
 I think I have furniture repurposing ADD. I have so many projects going on, that it seems like I'm just spinning in circles. I'm even making Vertical Succulent Gardens from old cabinet doors! 
(But that's another post!!)

So lets just try to stay on this track.......
This is my 3rd or 4th "painting with stain"  top that I've done. 
To see the first one with some how-to's, visit this post. 

I picked up this mid century solid mahogany piece off of CL (where else??) And while it did have a few issues, it was nothing that wood glue, clamps and some sanding couldn't fix.
Don't be afraid to grab pieces that look like this. You can usually get them at quite a discount and they are pretty easy to fix. If you are going to stain the wood, then use a stripper to get off the old finish. 
If you just plan on painting,
you can use your sander.
              The drawer fronts looked just as bad as the top but look how nicely they sanded up. The mahogany veneer was peeling back in spots but were easily fixed.
So for this top, I drew out my flowers using a piece of chalk. If you don't like it, it wipes off with water. I played around with all different shades of stains, mixing as I went along. 
 The background behind the petals was done in golden pecan. Everything else was darker or lighter. I tried to keep the chalk lines delineating the petals free from any stain. I took a small brush and used a bit of gold gilding wax to trace along. 
           I could not decide for the life of me, which color to paint this.  If you look at the 2nd pic above, you'll see where I painted the drawers in milk paint in some sort of green or gray shade. Didn't like. 
So I mixed up some off-white and made my own chalk paint. The front is just so plain but I didn't want anything competing with the top because then it would look too busy. Painting the accent rails in a teal blue (MS "Plumage") added just enough. 
 I also found these cool drawer pulls made from sliced agate in a teal blue.

I did a wipe-on poly over the white, then went over it with wax. Don't ask me why I
make more work for myself. The top was a wipe-on urethane from General Finishes. 

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  1. OH WOW thats stunning!!!! It's a pinner for sure!! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!!

  2. this is sooooo gorgeous! I seriously had NO idea a dresser could be this beautiful... This is truly an art..... The stain colors you used are amazing, and the design simply stunning..... :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  3. Wow. What a beautiful piece! I love the top.

  4. STUNNING! I love that stained design... wow! I want to try that. I'm featuring your dresser in this week's Power of Paint Party!