Sunday, February 23, 2014

Subway art on Reclaimed wood

I was commissioned to do two boards for a couple who saw my work somewhere (?)
lol.  They wanted it done big and using reclaimed wood.  They found a place selling the reclaimed wood so I went there and found a barn wood bonanza!! 150+ year old wood. 

Forgot to get a pic before I cut them all and pieced the board together. 
But here is a shot of the wood in raw, albeit cleaned and sanded:
                                These boards are so dense and surprisingly heavy.

They wanted these specific colors. I used milk paint on one because they have the most awesome shade of turquoise! I've used it on a lot of pieces and people just love it. The second color was a custom mixture of chalk paint.

 This is my house, not theirs.  I just propped it up to get a photo. It would obviously hang on a wall.

And here is the second one....


  1. ♥♥♥ it...such a beautiful shade of aqua.

  2. Always love your subway art!! Beautiful! :)