Thursday, April 18, 2013


I'm soooo loving doing these mid century pieces!! I don't know what it is about them!
I don't have them in my house and I'm not crazy about 60's decor (I grew up with
it for God's sake!). But I just like rehabbing these pieces. They're fun. Kinda like the '60's! 

     These are nice and solid pieces they made back in the day. This one used to house a TV. How very
                     cool this must have looked! Love the tambour doors which were quite the rage back then.  
     I sanded the old coating off to reveal the natural wood veneer. Sanded smooth again. Then I applied
    a dark walnut stain to the areas I wasn't painting. (Yes I did sand that door,,,by hand,,,one groove at
    a time.....sigh)  I use a wood Seal Coat by Zinsser. It's a shellac base non wax formula. I swear by it.
     Look at how smooth it came out.  When you use the wood sealer, it's like painting on ice. The paint 
 goes on better and doesn't get absorbed into the wood. So if somewhere down the line, someone 
     wants to restore this, they can without having to hog down the wood.  Use the wood sealer before
you paint your mahogany. Stops the tannins from bleeding through. 

 I thought about covering the bottom in glass mosaic tile, but I don't think it would make much difference in the price. And that would have been hours of extra work. So I found some extra fabric, and adhered it to a piece  of luan.  Voila! 

 Goes great with my mosaic mirror I made eons ago.  I think I'll sell that too! 

Groovy man!


  1. Know what MsBeth? I absolutely LOVE coming to your blog! Especially after looking at all the crapolla on CL! Your ideas and paint choices are so refreshing and imaginative when paired with the vintage pieces you choose!

    I have seen more plastic molded wood stuff, painted white and wiped down and touted as "Shabby Chic" lately when really? It is more like "Shabby Barf"...

    I love that you take great pride in your work and always, ALWAYS turn out a quality product. I just got my dream home that is in desperate need of color in the barn, the tack room cabinetry to be exact, and I SO want to do them in milk paint because of your blog. Color? TURQUOISE baby! And after that, there is the old and tired maple kitchen cabinetry that really could be shabby country ala Beth Style. got me dreaming! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful knowledge and inspiration with all of us putz's who dream in color now!


  2. Gorgeous.....had to pin this beauty!!!

    Great choice on color!!

  3. I picked this as a favorite today on Mod Mix Monday at!