Sunday, March 31, 2013

On a MCM kick!

I picked up another credenza for a heck of a deal! This was made my Broyhill in the early '60's. 
The guy had been keeping it outside and had no idea what he had. 
This was located in a seedy part of town. So I took my pit-bull and a little something extra 
for protection ;)    (I'm allowed to do that btw!)

There are so many on craigslist in the natural state, albeit refinished. They look great! But
they don't seem to sell that fast. I find that people like the ones that are painted.
Since this wasn't in pristine shape, I didn't feel so bad painting it. 
                     I chose gray and black for this one. I refinished the top in espresso.
I redid the drawers as well. Everything was a walnut veneer. Remember with veneers, go easy
when you sand, lest you hog all the veneer off!! Ask me how I know this......
  I love how the wood came out! This is a very masculine looking piece, quite 
different from what I usually do. 


  1. My Oh my! Oh My!......I love it. Im slightly jealous of your craiglist Find :) I am a true Stalker of Craigslist. They have some Great stuff on there.

  2. I love this. It is a unique finish and true to it Mid Century roots. Well done! Just finished a mid century piece as well. Hope you will stop by for a visit:

  3. Hi Beth! Just popping over from Between Naps on the Porch - when I saw your link up I had to take a look! I love MCM furniture and just picked up a walnut veneer lowboy dresser that I'm in the middle of refinishing. I usually paint my pieces as well, but this one I have decided to sand and stain - not sure how I'll do with the staining, though! I love what you've done with your piece - what a beautiful transformation! So nice to discover your blog and to meet you!

  4. You did a great job on this piece, it looks beautiful!! :)

  5. Handsome ;) Thank you for sharing. I'm your newest follower.