Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Frenchy nightstands

Found these little nightstands a few weeks ago and thought
I would spruce them up.

Did my own chalk paint in white and I used Cece's Vermont Slate
as an accent and on the handles. I also mixed some black paint with 
some silver glaze to go over the slate. 

I tried the wax paper method for this transfer from the "Graphics Fairy".  Lemme just say that
wax paper does not mesh well with my printer! However, doing a little improvisation, I taped the wax
paper to a sheet of printer paper and got fine results! Be aware that once you start your transfer, be darn
sure of it's placement! Once that paper touches anything the ink is transferred! Ask me how I know this.........Windex does a fine job of cleaning up any oops.  Oh, and waxing or applying a topcoat will
smear the ink. I thought it would have dried after a day or two, but apparently it doesn't. So, I wiped it
down with water and was left with what you see above. These tops got an acrylic top coat.

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