Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can't get enough of this color and my new workshop!!!!

I'm on a turquoise color kick! I just love this color from the 
Real Milk Paint co.  They call it cobalt but it's this stunning shade of turquoise. 
This 100 yr old buffet was in great condition. 
I didn't want to cover up the wood but just wanted to enhance it a bit. 

 I forgot to snap a pic before I started.  The wood is quarter sawn oak and hardly needed any
attention. I sanded the doors and drawers and went over them with some stain that
matched the body. Painted with the milk paint. Oh I forgot, I actually did a first coat
with the color "peacock" and then did my second coat in cobalt.  I didn't want the color
to be too bright and I like the greenish-blue underneath.

I have to post a pic of my new garage makeover-workbench area!  Everything was done with stuff
we already had laying around the garage. The wood flooring on the wall has been up in the rafters
for 5 years! Wasn't enough to really do anything with so why not bling up the workspace area?!

 Mr Pretty built me the new work bench and put the wood on the wall. I stained and sealed, as usual!

 And this is what started it all....the tankless water heater! I still have to do something with that corner.
I reused the cabinet on the left to store all my paints and stuff. And I made a chalkboard on the front! 
Of course, I got left with the clean-up and organization part. I swear, it took me 8-10 hours to clean
up, reorganize and put things together.  What a job! But I love it now!

                                 Ok.....back to my buffet!

Everything got a coat of natural tung oil when I was through. That's it! 

This was the only side that got this "chippiness".

I love the details on this piece.

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  1. what a pretty piece. I am thinking of painting something an unexpected color and that may be a great choice. Thanks for inspiring!!