Sunday, June 9, 2013

Retro, Baby!!!

I'm so excited to share my new piece! Now I know not everyone is into
the Mad Men style, but these vintage pieces are just so darn fun to do! 
I got a phone call from one of my "contacts" asking if I wanted this stuff. She cleared out
a container and this mid century dining set was part of it. 
Behold the $65 "set".....
    These chairs were sooooo gross. Greasy??? OMG. Smelly??? OMG. I gloved up on these babies.

                  So much grease and grime.  I don't even want to know.  But I saw potential!!
I know.  Ewwww. Right?? 

Ok.  Ready???  

Many, many,,,,,many (lol) hours later.....
I discovered that beneath all the grime, they were actually in very good shape.
The below pic is after a thorough sanding and cleaning.

Quite a diff, eh?? The chairs definitely took some work. I fumigated the wood piece and
threw out the padding. It was BAD.

I was able to slide out the shelves to work on them. They were walnut and cleaned up nicely.  Sanded off the existing finish, re-stained in a walnut stain, and sealed with a top coat. I like General Finishes Arm r Seal wipe on.  They look perfect!

If you're wondering how I painted the white. It was like this.....Everything got sanded and smoothed out and painted with a wood sealer. Got sanded again. Put on my first coat of semi-gloss white.
Sanded again. On the 2nd coat I used a flexible bristle good brush and added floetrol to the paint.
I would also dip the brush in water along with the paint. I got no brush strokes and a silky finish.
***Update,,,,I know use Ben Moore Advance for all my glossy paint. It's the best! 
I believe this white paint was Sherwin Williams Pro-Classic, which is also fine. 
Advance is glossier if you want a shinier result.*****

Why yes, I do have a sprayer. I thought about it. But it seems like such a hassle! I've gotten so
good at painting by hand, it just seems easier!
 I love the coral fabric. Ordered it online.  Piece o'cake! I used a spray adhesive to adhere the
fabric and then small nails to attach it to the back.

This baby has tons of storage. Luckily the inside was in good shape.
This piece got a lot of detail work and little extras. I will be asking a hefty price for this one tho.
I think it's worth it!!
I woud love to bring this inside and stage it all cute and stuff!! But I need
a small army of strong men to move this. They used some damn dense wood back in
the day!! This is all one piece and it's heavier than Shamu at a Vegas buffet.
So, I'm sorry, but the icky garage is gonna have to suffice for the moment.

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  1. Wow! I mean Wow! This is fantastic! I know because I do furniture, it is a lot of work. Love the way it turned out. I do love this style too. I painted an Audrey Hepburn piece on one. So much fun to work with. Great job!

  2. Great makeovers and so beachy! Thanx for partying at my place.

  3. Wow, look at all the big bold color - how awesome!

  4. Oh wow!! These turned out awesome! I am sharing tomorrow at my party, it is all about BOLD and a giveaway!