Monday, November 19, 2012

More drip pots.....

I love making these drip pots. I start with plain old terra cotta pots, prime them (the terra
cotta is very porous and soaks up a lot of paint) and then paint. You can use
chalk paint, spray paint, latex or even milk paint.  I prefer the chalk paint and then latex. 
If you look at he "Herbs" pot below, that is a mish-mash of paint. The yellow is latex, 
the gray is CeCe's Vermont Slate and the white is also CeCe's. I like the chalk because
you can smooth it out and distress it. Latex is pretty one dimensional. 

 The red pot with the white dripsv and the black and pink is all latex. 

 Messy work bench! 
 Have to find some herbs to put in it. 

This mosaic saucer goes w/the orchid in the black and pink pot.  Again, these are just plain terra cotta
saucers. It's important to prime these before applying the tiles. If this was going outside or was going to
be wet often, I would have used special mortar for glass tiles. But for this I just used Weldbond. It's for
craft mosaics.

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